Sardines to save humanity

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We live in a tame world.  The very definition of tame vs wild means that tame is the absence of full connection to nature.  A tame rabbit lives in a house or a cage and doesn't have the full natural experience.  Tame horses don't migrate vast distances.  And tame humans don't live out in the elements and have to dig for water or hunt for food.

Tameness is lameness and will lead to extinction.  To tame something means to disconnect it from the natural gene flow that causes adaptation in our world.  As we know from "Universal Expression" that life doesn't evolve but rather accepts genes created in other species to adapt.  The way this is done is by eating their DNA.  Also DNA of species will help our bodies repair or improve expression of our own, not just aquire new genes.  If you want to keep your dna healthy, you will have to eat healthy dna.

Sardines contain up to 1.5% DNA and they are all wild caught.  They eat plankton, one of the most genetically diverse groups of species on the planet.  If any lifeform is on the cutting edge of adaptation to our changing world it is wild plankton.  Sardines are on the front lines of solidifying their own dna with healthy planktonic dna and also aquiring any new genes that plankton aquire to adapt with the changing planet.

Could eating sardines save our species (SOS)?

science validating this theory


Canned sardines contain about half the DNA as flash frozen sardibes however some of the larger (over 300bp) genes are destroyed.  So canned sardines are better than nothing but flash frozen is much better.

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