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Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes you need a wakeup call in bieng careful, to stop bieng non chalant and taking unnecessary risks, and to focus on saftey.  If you drive, sooner or later you will crash.  If you ride a bike sooner or later you will fall.

If you are riding a bike ALWAYS:

1. Wear a helmet with a chinguard.  Chins are the most common thing you will hit when you fall.

2.  Wear gloves like mechanix or actual biking gloves.

These are musts.  You also should absolutely carry a bag of food grade diatomaceous earth to stop any bleeding.

When you get home you must scrub your wounds.  Road rash type scrapes are good as their is likely nothing lodged in the wound.  First take a shower and wash down your whole body.  Then when you get out focus on any deeper wounds and make sure to get anything out like dirt or gravel because this will absolutely come back to haunt you if you dont (you will have pain and or bumps there that will last years if not forever).  Scrub all wounds very well with soap down to the raw flesh, this is required to prevent infection.

*New version.  Should be able to leave on wounds up to 12 hours before washing off and letting wound dry*

coconut oil
food grade diatomaceous earth
1 part thyme oil
1 part cinnamon oil
1/2 part peppermint oil
1/2 part oregano oil
1/2 part lemongrass oil
1/2 part orange oil
1/2 part eucalyptus oil
1/4 gingerol
manuka honey
gynostemma extract powder or natures fury (90% gynostemma extract powder 10% tribulus terrestris extract powder.)

also should probably have rosemary (from thieves recipe and is anti-inflammatory)
and also juniper berry for tetanus.

sterilized (with 70% etoh) silk powder
garlic extract powder

Mix a bit of de into the honey.  Mix a bit of gynostemma extract powder into the honey.  mix in some coconut oil with esential oils in.

You can make a coconut oil/ eo (coceo) mix with the following:

1 oz coconut oil (melted, or synthetic human sebum recipe)
10 drops thyme eo (staphylococcus)
10 drops cinnamon eo (pseudomonas)
5 drops peppermint eo
5 drops oregano eo
5 drops lemongrass eo
5 drops orange eo (serratia)
5 drops eucalyptus eo (mycobacterium)
5 drops clove eo
5 drops juniper berry eo
5 drops rosemary eo
5 drops fresh ginger eo (campylobacter)

This recipe started with thyme oil and the other oils were added in order as their symptoms manifested.  You may interpret this is thyme oil caused pseudomonas overgrowth, cinnamon eo caused serratia overgrowth, etc.

then an example recipie can be:

1 tsp manuka honey
1/2 tsp food grade de
1/2 tsp natures fury
15 drops coceo oil

silk powder

to try; carrot eo for h pylori.  Could clostridium also infect wounds, yes but gynostemma should kill.  Eugenol from clove is highly antibacterial especially morgonella.


*Old version, dont leave on wounds longer than 8 hours*

Next get out your trusty naturehacker recipie to apply to your wounds:

1.  2 tablespoons Food grade diatomaceous earth or bentonite clay.

2.  10 drops thyme essential oil.

3.  1 tbsp humectant like food grade glycerine or honey or maple syrup.

4.  2 tsp Gynostemma or other adaptogen extract powder

5.  1 tbsp powdered wool

Exact Amounts dont really matter.

Add enough water to turn it into a mud and spread onto your wounds.  The DE will kill any gram negative bacteria, and the thyme will kill any gram positive.  The humectant will prevent it from drying and flaking off.  The gymostemma is a natural detergent and will kill gram positive bacteria and tetanus (thyme will also do these things and I think also kill tetanus but its still a good ingredient to include).

powdered wool made in a ball mill:

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