Melodic triad: 3 instruments for melodic music

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Melodic trance is my favorite type of music which typically is made entirely on synthesizers.  I have been getting full songs and melodies in my head when awaking from rem sleep (naturally released DMT induced, to enhance natural dmt take cinnamon and mint essential oil before you start rem sleep) and I needed to figure out what instruments would be needed to play it acoustically.

I will call it instrumental trance or acoustic trance, or just Melodic Music.  Here are the 3 main players.

1. bowed string instrument or organ or singing bowls
2. guitar and/or bass guitar or handpan
3. harp or lyre or keyboard/piano or flute or acoustic guitar

1. foundation - holds the scale note
2. driver - expounds on the foundation
3. melody - transistory elaboration

typically will consist of:
1. violin
2. guitar
3. piano

1. The stringed instrument will play slowly with a bow to sustain the scale note (typically only 3 or 4 notes in the whole refrain).

2. The guitar will play the base melody using the scale note the string instrument provides.  Typically 6-8 melody repeats (played twice [or 4 times] for each of the 3-4 different scale notes) per refrain.

3. The piano will play distinct high notes that float above the rest of the music in a transistory way, usually only 1 repeat per refrain.

So the string only plays 3-4 long drawn out notes per refrain.  The guitar plays a melody and a repeat for each string note so a total of 6-8 repeats per refrain.  The piano plays 1 melody spread across the top in the refrain.  And of course vocals can also be used and they expound on the piano.

For the "dropout" one or more instrunents can be dropped out or simplified or slower melodies and there can be solos and expanding.  So for example the piano and guitar can drop out and the violin solo's the piano melody or the driver melody.  Or the piano solos a new take on its own melody, etc.

A little more eclectic triad could be a harp or lyre as the melody, a handpan as the driver, and a violin or cello as the foundation.

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