Killing H. Pylori symptoms and bacterial overgrowth side effects

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Here is a chronicle of killing h. Pylori and the side effects of doing so.

I took 2 capsules of wheatgrass juice powder and garlic extract powder.  I did this because I have been drinking a lot of milk lately and my heartburn got bad.  Acid reflux is caused by a collaboration of h. Pylori and mycoplasma.  H. Pylori killed with wheatgrass juice powder, and mycoplasma with garlic.

I went to sleep

Woke up one hour later to severe restless legs.  Restless legs are caused by a collaboration between campylobacter and proteus, and h. Pylori seens to hold campylobacter at bay.  So I took a capsule of ginger and a capsule of eucalyptus essential oil.  Campylobacter killed with gingerol and proteus killed with eucalyptus oil.

Woke up several hours later to an irregular heartbeat, basically heart skipping on every beat.  Heart skipping beats and irregular heartbeat is often but not always caused by Tetanus. Apparently tetanus is held at bay be campylobacter and/or proteus (probably campylobacter as a guess). Tetanus is killed with triterpenoid saponins (adaptogens).  So I took tribulus terrestris and gynostemma.

Problems are all gone.

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