IT'S TRUE: Trump is leading us toward another 9/11 and economic collapse

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9/11 was an inside job.  The deep state in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, created the major modern False Flag attacks like 9/11.  It was obvious they used 9/11 not only to save money on WTC demolition (contained asbestos, demolition would have lead to lawsuits) but to get the 70 IQ americans to buy into perpetual war in the middle east (really just a security operation for CIA Poppy fields and Oil Companies).

Now Trump gets it and pulled us out of the Middle East.  Well what can the deep state do but another False Flag attack to try to overturn his decision to leave?

Also Trump is leading us to another economic collapse.  Why?  Because he is killing China's economic superiority over us by leveling the playing field.  The deep state has bet all theur money on China and china overtaking the US as the worlds economic superpower.  Trump making america great again is a threat to the deep state's pocketbook.  So they will raise interest rates untill the economy collapses ahead of the 2020 election.

You know Trump is doing a great job when the parasites are squeaming.


  1. Interesting. On many levels I don't like Trump: mostly breeding hate towards non-whites. However, he IS going about taking out the war machine, which, is pretty great. So, I'm super confused; if he keeps taking troops out, less death, less waste of money. It's hard to argue with that.

    1. Yes but at least he tends to lisren to rand paul, alex jones, and roger store and others who are libertarians


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