How to prevent calcification of the Pineal Gland

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As we have recently uncovered, the pineal gland not only secretes Melatonin to initiate sleep, but also dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and pinoline that work together to further shut down the brain and body during REM sleep and achieve restorative and perhaps trancendent recovery and adaptation.

The pineal gland is under attack.  The pineal is the second most blood profused organ in the body second only to the kidney.  This shows just how important it really is.  Just like the kidney it is suseptible to "stones".  In the kidney's case it is called kidney stones, and in the pineal it is called brain sand.  It is important we keep not only the kidneys but also the pineal clear of this so they can function properly.

Potassium citrate is basically the magic bullet.  Citrate is known to not only prevent and reverse calcifications body wide, but also acts as a aluminum and fluoride chelator, and fluoride is also a major player in initiating calcifications.  Not only that but potassium acts with citrate as a blood and urine ph buffer which helps prevent and reverse the improper calcification process in both the kidney (calcium oxalate from low ph) and pineal (calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite from high ph).

Also the pineal is reddish grey which signifies it requires carotenoids, chief among which is astaxanthan from salmon and other sources.

And of course I can't forget that it appears haemophilis reduces DMT secretion from the pineal which is killed with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils.  Also Bacillis and/or mycoplasma degrades DMT into indole acetic acid (IAA) which are killed with garlic extract and especially eucalyptus essential oil (never take over 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil at a time).  Also pseudomonas also degrades DMT and it is killed from with food grade diatomaceous earth and cinnamon essential oil.

pineal calcification

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pineal calcification (PGC) vs kidney stones (oxalate vs hydroxyapatite)

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