How to make your own carbon fiber bike frame

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Take a sheet of a couple inches thick polystyrene (Styrofoam) and cut out your frame model.  Use slow setting flexible epoxy. Paint the styrofoam model with the flexible epoxy and wrap with tussa silk or cotton fabric or gauze or kevlar (few inch wide strip, wrap like a mummy.  Thinking about it you should probably paint the outside face of the material too so it can stick to itself when it overlaps).  Next paint that cloth layer with the epoxy.  Use a few inch wide flexible carbon fiber cloth next (again wrap like a mummy).  Then paint with the flexible epoxy and add a layer of woven fiberglass cloth, same method, get a few inch wide strip and wrap like a mummy.  Paint that layer with flexible epoxy.  Then wrap with carbon fiber.  Paint with flexible epoxy, then finally wrap with cloth (silk, cotton, or gauze, or kevlar).

This method was based on the design of bone.  Marrow is the foam, endosteum and periosteum is silk, compact bone is carbon fiber, and Haversian system is fiberglass.  Flexible epoxy is used to help improve toughness and add a little shock absorption.

Frame Parts


Designs, don't need to do typical frame shape

DIY info

Youtube do it yourself frame

Bone design

tussa silk best


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