Haemophilis holds Tuberculosis at bay

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Haemophilis had the last bastion in my body.  I killed literally every other type of bacteria off in my body before I figured out about haemo.  Some of my symptoms grew worse during this time.  Worsening balding, worsening skin picking and hair pulling, worsening insomnia.  It turns out all these things are caused by haemophilis influenzae.  By me killing off the other types of bacteria in my body, it allowed haemo to overgrow even more.  So I started killing haemophilis.  Some things improved like my insomnia and my skin picking slightly.  But one thing got worse, heart skipping beats or heart palpitations.  I already knew before that for sure tetanus and mycobacteria like TB can cause heart palpitations, also h. Pylori.  I treated for tetanus using gynostemma and tribulus and it helped but didn't solve it.  I usually treat for several bacteria every day including proteus, camphlobacter, tetanus/staph/strep (all killed using adaptogens), often ecoli using food grade DE, h pylori using wheatgrass juice powder, etc. So I for a moment almost believed that the heart palpitations were NOT caused by bacteria since they started when I started killing haemo and my regular bactericidal regimen couldn't seem to stop it.  Well I forgot about TB.  I think itnis TB causing my current heart palpitations.  Juniper essential oil, vitamin c, and garlic powder all are great to kill TB, so i am taking that now.  But it makes sense.  Both TB and haemo occupy the same niche in the lungs so killing one would likely cause the other to overgrow.  They are also both oxidative by nature.  Hopefully going hard on TB will solve my persistant heart skipping beats (also excercising more will help!).  It seems the reverse is also true and killing off Tuberculosis also causes a haemophilis overgrowth.

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