Guillain Barre: A tale of three bacteria

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UPDATE:  I think clostridium perferingens is also involved causing the tingling sensation of Guillain Barre.  This is killed with adaptogens like gynostemma like all clostridium species.

Guillain Barre is charecterized by progressive numbness and tingling and pins and needles sensations followed by paralysis.  There seem to be 3 bacteria involved, latent Tuberculosis (which is anything but innocuous), tetanus (which everyone has but doesn't realize it), and of course Campylobacter Jejuni, one of the most common food poisoning bacteria from undercooked meat.

I spend quite a bit of time updating my "quintessential guide to gut microbes" but it is getting so large and slowly falling out of date so I think I will mostly just make new posts at this point.

So anyway latent TB causes chest pains, heart skipping beats, and high cholesterol.  Also when it is a bit more active it causes night sweats and weight loss.  Tetanus causes muscle twitches, and campylobacter causes brain buzzing, restless legs (in tandem with proteus, and proteus alone causes lower back pain) and the pins and needles.

(Also for the heck of it haemophilis causes high blood sugar and diabetes and inflammation and skin picking or hair pulling or other nervous tics.  Pseudomonas causes itching or crawling sensations in random places on the skin.)

So anyway I got my worst attack of guillain barre after a series of events.  I have been eating lots of christmas leftovers and started to get heart skipping beats.  So I took eucalyptus oil and garlic to clear up the Mycobacterium tuberculosis or bovis that was causing that.  Then that caused a tetanus overgrowth which caused muscle twitching.  I killed that with gynostemma. Then that caused a campylobacter overgrowth which caused tingling sensations.  I killed that with ginger powder.  So I had excessive levels of all three of these bacteria however the mycobacteria covered up the tetanus and the tetanus covered up the campylobacter.  Also for the record haemophilis covers up tuberculosis.  By covers up it may hold it in check and/or supress the symptoms.

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