DMT is responsible for REM sleep

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DMT is responsible for REM sleep

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and to a lesser degree NMT, is the activator of REM sleep.  DMT is the "shutdown button" of the body.  It shuts down inhibitory neuromodulation (which makes it so you can think clearer or recieve inspiration, visions, and dreams better), it shuts down or slows down automatic control of many processes including sympathetic and parasympathetic processes in the body like breathing, digestion, salivation, sphincter control, movement, immune function, adaptation to environmental stimuli, etc.  This may sound bad but the body needs to rest.  As long as DMT is released in the relative security of REM sleep, it is incredibly restorative to the body.  Also if dosed artificially but intelligently with antibacterial herbs, sensory deprivation, and a supportive person helping you stay safe, it can also be a restorative rest for the body and mind.

There is a reason DMT is schedule 1 and cannot be researched.  Because DMT counters all the decades of work that has been done to keep the US population from achieving REM sleep.  REM is restorative to the bieng and gives people new ideas and breaks old habits and question current practices.  DMT is what made the Hebrews leave their captivity in egypt.  DMT is what made the Mimbres leave their ancestral home in search of a better land.  DMT is responsible for breaking old ways and doing things differently.

Fluoride counters REM (ie: DMT production).  Sleeping drugs counter REM.  Psych meds counter REM.  Caffiene and alcohol counter REM. The 60 hz electrical grid counters the Gamma brain waves that activate REM.  Cell phones and screen time inhibit REM.  Noise and lights inhibit REM.  The ubiquitous bacteria strep, tetanus, campylobacter, mycoplasma, klebsellia, pseudomonas, proteus, and haemophilis counter REM (strange that haemo only infects humans, genetic bio warfare anyone?).

They don't want you to know that Dimethyl tryptamine is the activator of REM.  If you knew that you would supplement with DMT and achieve REM, not only in your sleep but also have entire vacations where you REM up using legal ayahuasca analogs.

And then you would be discontent with governmental and monopolistic corporate control over your life.  You would yearn for freedom and free expression.  You would get new ideas on how to improve things or how to do things better than how society currently does them.  And the powers that be don't ever want to loose power.  If the people are (r)empowered, those in-power are in-trouble.

We don't fight back with violence or hate; we fight back with learning, understanding, education, inspiration, and empowerment.  A battle won with love is ground that can never be lost.

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