Dangers of DMT and Ayahuasca

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Current recipie to help prevent bacterial growth on DMT:

10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops cinnamon essential oil
1 tsp DE (food grade diatomaceous earth)
1/2 tsp NF (90% gynostemma extract powdwr, 10% tribulus terresteis extract powder)
0.1-3g ACRB (powdered acacia confusa root bark, this is the DMT containing plant)
1g Rue (syrian rue seed powder, this is the MAOi)

optimization of MAOi; try 1g ac and vary rue...0.5g to 2g

also vary preextraction like acid/base treatment

Dangers, risks, and consequences of taking, administering, or using DMT or ayahuasca long term or microdosing.

DMT is made endogenously in the human body.  However this does not mean it's supplemental use is without risks and things to keep in mind.  There are three factors that cause more risk with DMT than with typical supplements.  First is that DMT is actively transported into the brain.  The body does not excrete excess DMT out, and it concentrates in the brain.  A typical dosage will last about 6 days in the brain while bieng absent in the urine.  This means that with a typical dosage the brain will be overdosed on DMT for 6 days, we will revisit why this can be a problem in factor 2.  The only way DMT ever leavs the brain is when it gets metabolized into Indole acetic acid (IAA).  Typically this will be expelled as a gas into the nasopharanx and can be smelled. IAA itself can be a dangerous metabolism byproduct as well that may not be beneficial to have high levels in the body.  Moving on to factor 2, DMT is a high energy molecule.  Not only is it a tryptamine which means bacteria like Bacillis Cerus and Pseudomonas want to eat it, but also demethylating bacteria like Haemophilis.  When you ingest potent bacteria food it can cause a harmful bacterial overgrowth.  Couple this with factor 1; and you see this bacteria overgrowth would be likely to happen in the brain.  This could lead to mental and psychotic symptoms from long term use (like microdosing) if not addressed.  This is why shamans in the Amazon are keen to administer antibacterial herbs with ayahuasca.  In a modern case, herbs that kill bacillis and pseudomonas should be taken (adaptogens, food grade diatomaceous earth, also need to find a pseudomonas herb that crosses the BBB) as well as herbs that kill haemophilis (peppermint and cinnamon). And of course the third factor is ayahuasca is often taken with an MAOI.  This, especially if taken long term, can possibly cause the body to fall behind on metabolism of certain food byproducts which could harm the liver.

Other risks:  DMT is the "shutdown button" of the body and as such can cause deregulation of thought (causing paranoia) and physical degregulation which can cause users forgetting to breathe, loss of motor skills, lack of adaptation to external stimuli, etc.  It is also illegal in many countries which can cause problems with the law.

DMT has the potential to advance human expression (or human evolution as the case may be).  Enhancing human DMT levels could be key in the future survival of our species and improvement where we no longer harm eachother, other species, and the planet.  Some people enhancing their DMT herbally may cause a spillover (like a contact high) into other people, whose brains adapt by creating more DMT endogenously. However it's use does not come without risks that absolutely need to be taken into account before use. Humans will need to adopt natural ways to control the bacteria that degrade DMT, to hasten our species advancement.

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