Carbon fiber Handpan or Hang drum open source alternative non patent

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The makers of Hang drums patented the use of fully nitrided steel for the creation of instruments.  Handpans grew out of that restriction and became the open source alternative to the greedy hang drum creators however they are still limited by the patent on nitrided steel.  Well I have another idea of an alternative to fully nitrided steel: carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber with epoxy and any other material (including wood or steel or even nitrided steel) can be used to also create a very hard and stiff material like nitrided steel.  This is an open source alternative and should lead to even lower prices than current for handpans.  The material cam be a solid piece or have cuts in it for tuning the notes, but preferably uncut.  To tune the sound for each note the handpan can be ground or sanded to achieve the proper tone.

Discussed here first:

Nitrocarburising or nitrocarburizing is also an option to get around the hang drum material patent and can be done on the surface(s) and/or throughout the entire thickness of any type of metal.  Also a fully nitrided metal can be caurburized in addition on the surface so that itnis not solely nitrided all the way through.


boriding or boronizing or boronising is another option to replace or supplement nitriding and or/carburising and can be done on the surface(s) and or through out the entire thickness of the iron, steel, or any other metal.


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