The Real Truth About Climate Change

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Geoengineering.  The end.

Here's some more detail. 

The first prong of this weather attack on the earth is "Chemtrails" or High Altitude Aerosolic Condensation Effector (HAACE) are used to manipulate rainfall. State Air National Guard planes are used for this purpose.  Some chemical salts (apparently coal fly ash) are used as powerful dessicants which will trap moisture and create droughts like we see in California, while others will cause excess condensation (cloud seeding) and cause the rain to fall out over the eastern US.  This coupled with orchestrated fire starting in California, will be used to buy up prime real estate in places like Malibu for pennies on the dollar.  Also force people to move out of the Northeast so that can be used for more vineyards and orchards which the government will confiscate during a nationwide "state of emergency".

HAACE planes at Sky Harbor

Coal Fly ash, dessicant used in HAACE

The second prong is heating the north pole using HAARP and related technologies.  This heating of the north pole not only causes ice loss, but also causes manipulated warm oceanic currents.  These currents cause unpredictable weather; warm spells in the winter, changed jet streams, and wet spells.  Some other motives for doing this is to increase oil drilling at the north pole (which cannot happen when ice is present). This same technology, which creates an upper atmospheric bubble that focuses sunlight, can be used to steer and enhance hurricanes over the ocean.

The third prong I am not fully sure how it works yet GWEN towers are used to beam some type of radiation into the atmosphere causing either suppressed or enhanced condensation of clouds and rain.  These can probably be used in conjunction with HAACE to have greater control of local weather.

Who is doing this?  The Deep State.  The people who own the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks around the world.  Homo Capensis involvement is also a possibility.

How can we fight back?  Educating yourself and others.  Inventing and deploying counter technologies such as orgone, orgonite, and triborgone.  The earth will also fight back using many methods including an upcoming mini ice age and hopefully a targeted and not mass kill-off of the people and things causing and responsible for the destruction.  When evil people are in power, patience is a virtue and also empowering yourself and others mentally, physically, and spiritually will play the critical part in removing them from their seat of power.  The more personal power we gain by empowerment, the less leverage they will have over us.

How can they manipulate the weather and no one notice? They knew people would notice so they developed and intricate scheme to blame people breathing and driving cars (CO2) for causing the changes.  It's an alibi to divert attention so that we fight amoungst eachother and not notice the man behind the curtain manipulating us.

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