The FreeContagion necessarily creates a Freeconomy

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What is the FreeContagion (FC)?  The FC is based on a universal principlal of Equilibrium; that every entity will assume it's lowest energy state or rest state.  Life in general is an exception to this rule because homeostasis counters equilibrium.  However even though homeostasis uses synergy and design to raise entities above ambient equilibrium, still at every level from molecules, to protiens, to organelles, to cells, to tissues, to organs, to organ systems, to lifeforms; all things always tend toward and favor their rest state.  Rest state is important because it allows for processing and repair and requires less energy expenditure.

What this means is to gain market share you need to lower your prices and increase value, bringing people closer to their rest state while costing them less time, energy, and money. This is obvious, however not obvious enough because companies that offered great deals and convienience like google (free), facebook (free), walmart (cheap), and amazon (cheap) took the markets by suprise in a race to the bottom.  Not only did it take the market by suprise, but it destroyed markets.  No one can profitably compete with these players so no one could stop them.  THIS is what the FreeContagien does.  The FreeContaigen destroys everything in it's path.

The FC is not bad.  It is a gift of God that will destroy every exhalted thing.  Nothing can stop the FC.  Let that powerful notion sink in.

That said; Amazon, Google, etc. aren't true FC.  They are an imitation, a fraud.  Because the services they provide aren't really free, just the costs happen slower and less directly than an instant hit in the bank account.  Using these services on average will cost you more; more targeted advertising tempting you to buy more, loss of privacy and quality and choice, etc.  The costs are there.  So these are merely fraudulent FC.

How does real FC come?  "Freely you have recieved, freely give". You simply give.  The biggest trap to good people right now is the notion of "trying to make a living doing what you love". It sounds great but if you ever really have tried it you will know even if you are doing what you choose to be doing and believe in it, making a living at it is lots of work that you would rather not be doing.  In this day and age it is honestly better to find a decent company and get a paycheck for 8 hours a day and use the rest of your freetime to freely give.  Do what you love in your freetime and with your discretionary income and share it freely and don't expect or try to ever make a living on it.  This is true FC that will spread like wildfire and force out the frauds.  Your freetime is enough.  If you don't have energy, work on your health first and help others with their health (NatureHacker is a great place to learn).

The Freeconomy will necessarily start with true FreeContaigen.  FreeContaigen, based on the laws of nature, will put every buisness out of buisness since no one can compete with free.  A Freeconomy, an economy where everything is free of charge, will necessarily emerge and displace the current Federal Reserve based economy.  The monetary system will collapse as the grassroots movement of people doing things for free takes over and people buy less stuff.

Also there is Karma.  What Karma means is those freely giving will not have to wait until the Freeconomy takes over before they ever get free stuff in return.  Karma means the Freeconomy will start and revolve around the creator(s) of the FreeContaigen.  When you start making silverware for free and giving it away, others will be inspired to do what they love and give it to you.  You will absolutely be compensated for what you do.  The more you do, the more others will do and the more they do the more others will do, and the FreeContaigen will claim all marketshare as it is destined to do.  No one trying to profit can compete with free. The impetus for the freecontaigen is a sense of purpose and a desire to do something, to make something, to help in some way.  This is given by the creator as the "genesis block" of the FreeContaigen.

And then, when the FreeContaigen makes all buisnesses go bankrupt and claims all marketshare, you will loose your job but have everything you need.  Money will be worthless because everything you want and need is free.

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