Dethroning the King: Haemophilus Influenzae

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H. Influenzae non-typable NTHi is the champion of all bacteria and has outsmarted our immune system and runs circles around it.  No other bacteria has become so sickly effective at destroying, manipulating, and invading our immune system.  It is so effective that it even gets our immune system to do its bidding by tattle telling on strep bacteria to get our body to kill off its competitor.  Literally when strep kills h. Influenzae, the immune system goes after the strep and leaves the h. Influenzae alone!  Also h. Influenzae requires staph bacteria to feed it; so h. Influenzae mind controls us to bite our lips and nails and pick our skin and pull our hair and get piercings and tattoo's (and even in severe cases cut ourself) to get skin staph bacteria to enter the blood stream to feed the h. Influenzae.  This bacteria is the master human manipulator and is the "master of puppets"

The reason why I am even talking about this bacteria is that up until now I also haven't been able to kill it with the standard herbal antibiotics like adaptogens, tannins, wide array of essential oils, etc.  The only things I have found that kill it is peppermint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil taken internally, which isn't a super common thing to do (and you need to take a lot).

This bacteria is the reason for virtually all inflammation in the body.  Its time to take the power back and assume our rightful place as kings and queens instead of letting this bacteria control our entire society!  Having rulers over us is a symptom of mass societal infection with this bacteria.

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