NatureHacker "Products" are ending

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In the spirit of the FreeContagion, I will no longer be making products on this site.  NatureHackerProducts was an attempt for me to make money.  The truth is I am not the best at making and shipping things.  My true strength lies in Designing and Analysis, so I will focus on that in blog posts here, and not on making and shipping products.  To ease this transition if you absolutely need help with something I will make it for you for free.  But please contact me first and I can give you sources to get your own raw materials to help you make it.  Also I will start going through and give simplified recipes, basically the minimum components to achieve a goal and nothing more, this will help the ease of acquiring the ingredients and making your own versions.

I will be taking my address off the shopping cart so please don't send me any money.  Thank you.  Contact me if you have questions at naturehackerproducts@gmail.com.  It may take me a while to respond as I do not check email often.


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