NatureHacker "Products" are ending

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In the spirit of the FreeContagion, I will no longer be making products on this site.  NatureHackerProducts was an attempt for me to make money.  The truth is I am not the best at making and shipping things.  My true strength lies in Designing and Analysis, so I will focus on that in blog posts here, and not on making and shipping products.  To ease this transition if you absolutely need help with something I will make it for you for free.  But please contact me first and I can give you sources to get your own raw materials to help you make it.  Also I will start going through and give simplified recipes, basically the minimum components to achieve a goal and nothing more, this will help the ease of acquiring the ingredients and making your own versions.

I will be taking my address off the shopping cart so please don't send me any money.  Thank you.  Contact me if you have questions at naturehackerproducts@gmail.com.  It may take me a while to respond as I do not check email often.



The FreeContagion necessarily creates a Freeconomy

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What is the FreeContagion (FC)?  The FC is based on a universal principlal of Equilibrium; that every entity will assume it's lowest energy state or rest state.  Life in general is an exception to this rule because homeostasis counters equilibrium.  However even though homeostasis uses synergy and design to raise entities above ambient equilibrium, still at every level from molecules, to protiens, to organelles, to cells, to tissues, to organs, to organ systems, to lifeforms; all things always tend toward and favor their rest state.  Rest state is important because it allows for processing and repair and requires less energy expenditure.

What this means is to gain market share you need to lower your prices and increase value, bringing people closer to their rest state while costing them less time, energy, and money. This is obvious, however not obvious enough because companies that offered great deals and convienience like google (free), facebook (free), walmart (cheap), and amazon (cheap) took the markets by suprise in a race to the bottom.  Not only did it take the market by suprise, but it destroyed markets.  No one can profitably compete with these players so no one could stop them.  THIS is what the FreeContagien does.  The FreeContaigen destroys everything in it's path.

The FC is not bad.  It is a gift of God that will destroy every exhalted thing.  Nothing can stop the FC.  Let that powerful notion sink in.

That said; Amazon, Google, etc. aren't true FC.  They are an imitation, a fraud.  Because the services they provide aren't really free, just the costs happen slower and less directly than an instant hit in the bank account.  Using these services on average will cost you more; more targeted advertising tempting you to buy more, loss of privacy and quality and choice, etc.  The costs are there.  So these are merely fraudulent FC.

How does real FC come?  "Freely you have recieved, freely give". You simply give.  The biggest trap to good people right now is the notion of "trying to make a living doing what you love". It sounds great but if you ever really have tried it you will know even if you are doing what you choose to be doing and believe in it, making a living at it is lots of work that you would rather not be doing.  In this day and age it is honestly better to find a decent company and get a paycheck for 8 hours a day and use the rest of your freetime to freely give.  Do what you love in your freetime and with your discretionary income and share it freely and don't expect or try to ever make a living on it.  This is true FC that will spread like wildfire and force out the frauds.  Your freetime is enough.  If you don't have energy, work on your health first and help others with their health (NatureHacker is a great place to learn).

The Freeconomy will necessarily start with true FreeContaigen.  FreeContaigen, based on the laws of nature, will put every buisness out of buisness since no one can compete with free.  A Freeconomy, an economy where everything is free of charge, will necessarily emerge and displace the current Federal Reserve based economy.  The monetary system will collapse as the grassroots movement of people doing things for free takes over and people buy less stuff.

Also there is Karma.  What Karma means is those freely giving will not have to wait until the Freeconomy takes over before they ever get free stuff in return.  Karma means the Freeconomy will start and revolve around the creator(s) of the FreeContaigen.  When you start making silverware for free and giving it away, others will be inspired to do what they love and give it to you.  You will absolutely be compensated for what you do.  The more you do, the more others will do and the more they do the more others will do, and the FreeContaigen will claim all marketshare as it is destined to do.  No one trying to profit can compete with free. The impetus for the freecontaigen is a sense of purpose and a desire to do something, to make something, to help in some way.  This is given by the creator as the "genesis block" of the FreeContaigen.

And then, when the FreeContaigen makes all buisnesses go bankrupt and claims all marketshare, you will loose your job but have everything you need.  Money will be worthless because everything you want and need is free.


The Real Truth About Climate Change

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Geoengineering.  The end.

Here's some more detail. 

The first prong of this weather attack on the earth is "Chemtrails" or High Altitude Aerosolic Condensation Effector (HAACE) are used to manipulate rainfall. State Air National Guard planes are used for this purpose.  Some chemical salts (apparently coal fly ash) are used as powerful dessicants which will trap moisture and create droughts like we see in California, while others will cause excess condensation (cloud seeding) and cause the rain to fall out over the eastern US.  This coupled with orchestrated fire starting in California, will be used to buy up prime real estate in places like Malibu for pennies on the dollar.  Also force people to move out of the Northeast so that can be used for more vineyards and orchards which the government will confiscate during a nationwide "state of emergency".

HAACE planes at Sky Harbor

Coal Fly ash, dessicant used in HAACE

The second prong is heating the north pole using HAARP and related technologies.  This heating of the north pole not only causes ice loss, but also causes manipulated warm oceanic currents.  These currents cause unpredictable weather; warm spells in the winter, changed jet streams, and wet spells.  Some other motives for doing this is to increase oil drilling at the north pole (which cannot happen when ice is present). This same technology, which creates an upper atmospheric bubble that focuses sunlight, can be used to steer and enhance hurricanes over the ocean.

The third prong I am not fully sure how it works yet GWEN towers are used to beam some type of radiation into the atmosphere causing either suppressed or enhanced condensation of clouds and rain.  These can probably be used in conjunction with HAACE to have greater control of local weather.

Who is doing this?  The Deep State.  The people who own the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks around the world.  Homo Capensis involvement is also a possibility.

How can we fight back?  Educating yourself and others.  Inventing and deploying counter technologies such as orgone, orgonite, and triborgone.  The earth will also fight back using many methods including an upcoming mini ice age and hopefully a targeted and not mass kill-off of the people and things causing and responsible for the destruction.  When evil people are in power, patience is a virtue and also empowering yourself and others mentally, physically, and spiritually will play the critical part in removing them from their seat of power.  The more personal power we gain by empowerment, the less leverage they will have over us.

How can they manipulate the weather and no one notice? They knew people would notice so they developed and intricate scheme to blame people breathing and driving cars (CO2) for causing the changes.  It's an alibi to divert attention so that we fight amoungst eachother and not notice the man behind the curtain manipulating us.


Glyphosate exposure poisoning causes heart skipping beats arrhythmia

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It turns out that glyphosate causes heart skipping beats.  Lots of factors contribute (see my previous posts on this topic) but glyphosate roundup herbicide is the biggest direct cause.  Thiamin deficiency contributes to heart skipping beats, but glyphosate is the biggest cause.  This pesticide/herbicide can be detoxed from the body using oxime creating aminos like tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and cystine like my envirotox product.

From wikipedia:
Glyphosate-based herbicides may cause life-threatening arrhythmias in mammals. Evidence also shows that such herbicides cause direct electrophysiological changes in the cardiovascular systems of rats and rabbits.[97]


A scientific test for whether rockets work in space

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Here is a fully off the shelf parts list on how you can make a test of whether rockets work in space or not.  The idea is to use a CO2 cartridge which has a measured amount of gas and will work in atmosphere or a vacuum chamber.  A simple balloon experiment cannot work in a vacuum chamber since it will make the rubber expand.  In this experiment a co2 cartridge is used and remotely opened.  A USB load cell is used to measure the force generated.  For the vacuum a 15 gallon vacuum chamber is used which will provide 57 liters.  A 12 gram co2 cartridge will create 6 liters of gas. This is nearly a 10x larger vacuum chamber than the gas in the canister so if rockets don't work in space, we should definitly see less force generated in the vacuum chamber from the co2 cartridge than outside the vacuum chamber.  Give it a shot!


15 gallon vacuum chamber

Vacuum pump

Load cell usb

Load cell usb cell

Rf relay switch

Threaded co2

Inflator head

12v 1/4" solenoid



Thiamine essential to strengthen heart: potassium bicarbonate crashes it

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So my years long high supplementation of potassium bicarbonate caught up with me.  It appears that alkalizing the blood crashes thiamine out.  So now I have stopped the potassium and am taking thiamine.  Eventually I will start back up on potassium but instead of the bicarbonate I will use potassium citrate.  Thiamine deficiency causes the heart to skip beats because it looses its strength.  I have reason to helieve that the body creates thiamine from tyrosine and probably in combination with cystiene, but if your heart is skipping beats, you will want to supplement with thiamine directly.


Whispering Wall (WW or WiWa): Widescreen sound

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What if sound was about to have a revolution as big as the TV was for visual?  It just takes a little imagination.  The speaker is what we have today that makes sound.  As an audio engineer for my friends, I am in charge of making good sounds.  The most recent path I have been on is using xlr crossovers to feed prebuilt speakers their optimum frequency.  Then having other speakers that specialize in other frequencies and adjusting their levels so they all play well together.  Using distortion testing to find the optimym frequency range of each speaker.  That is all well and good and can be dine now with off the shelf devices and I can make that happen now and I will.  However I decided to just imagine an evoltion in sound producing devices.  Why a speaker anyway? Speakers are not the be all end all of sound production.  Some of the first sound producing devices were strings, tuning forks, vocal cords...etc.  Basically all you need to produce sound is a vibrating object.

The revolution in music came when we could record and play back sound electronically, and create new sound blueprints electronically (and programatically). That was a huge revolution.  But the necessary thing became we need to translate that bluepring of sound (file) into actually moving the air.  It would be pretty hard to use strings and tuning forks to do this as they resonate and cant change frequency on a dime.  Eventually we got to "voice coils" which are electronic coils that can use inductance to create minute motions.  Couple this with a cone and these minute vibrations can turn into moving air at frequencies high enough to hear.

The problem is that it is just an inherently bad design.  The one cone not only has to vibrate at basically an infinite amount of resonant freqeuncies which it is bad at, it also has change its frequency in a split second.  One piece of material does all of this without even changing its properties.  This makes for inherently bad results.  The key is to break these processes into multiple stages or steps.  We can look to nature to do this.

Step 1: diaphram.  We are going to need to move air.  Lets start with that.  Our first stage moves large amounts of air rather slowly.  The diaphram can be common to all chords or separate for each cord or any number of chords.

Step 2: vocal cords.  The next step is to use this slowly moving air to cause something to resonate.  In a creature there can be reallynonly 1 path for air so multiple different size vocal cords need to share the same opening.  We are not restricted so we can have a single set of vocal cords for a certain frequency range per opening.  The cords need to be able to both vibrate from air movement, and also to change length.  This changing length will be what causes a change in frequency.  There wull be bass chords that wull vibrate between say 20-50 hz, another set for say 50-100hz, another from 100-200, etc.

Step 3: throat.  Now we need a valve to adjust the flow, increasing and decreasing the back pressure and also able to shut off sound.  The throat may need to be before (and/or after) the cords in our device.

Step 4: mouth.  Next all of the chords (or just one or any number) will output into a common (or separate or combination) resonant tuning chamber. In this chamber the frequencies from all the vibrating cords wil be combined, or kept separate, and the pitch changed for final ttuning of all.the cords or one of the cords or any number.

The point bieng that instead of one paper cone doing everything itself, we split the tasks required into 4 (or more or less) stages to make the system more robust, flexible, and responsive.  And this will give the possibility of creating much vetter and less distorted sound.

Finally we need to mimic the choir; a wall of sound.  Sound is delacate and from a point source, like light, it dissipates quickly.  A 2D plane of sound (or ideally a solid or hollow sphere in 3D) is lossless in theory.  We can do this by creating sound pixels and combining them into a sheet like a TV.  Each "mouth" would be like a pixel.  The diaphram(s) can be separate per pixel or feed several or many pixels but ideally multiple pixels per diaphram.  Here is where we look to fractal design.  So per diaphram we have multiple vibrating cords, and per vibrating cords we have multiple throats and mouths.  If a throat is closed then that mouth (or sound pixel) wont sound.  This can all be run hydraulically, mechanically, electrically, or any other way, the point is however it is run, the multiple stages will ensure a robust and pleasing output.


Dethroning the King: Haemophilus Influenzae

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H. Influenzae non-typable NTHi is the champion of all bacteria and has outsmarted our immune system and runs circles around it.  No other bacteria has become so sickly effective at destroying, manipulating, and invading our immune system.  It is so effective that it even gets our immune system to do its bidding by tattle telling on strep bacteria to get our body to kill off its competitor.  Literally when strep kills h. Influenzae, the immune system goes after the strep and leaves the h. Influenzae alone!  Also h. Influenzae requires staph bacteria to feed it; so h. Influenzae mind controls us to bite our lips and nails and pick our skin and pull our hair and get piercings and tattoo's (and even in severe cases cut ourself) to get skin staph bacteria to enter the blood stream to feed the h. Influenzae.  This bacteria is the master human manipulator and is the "master of puppets"

The reason why I am even talking about this bacteria is that up until now I also haven't been able to kill it with the standard herbal antibiotics like adaptogens, tannins, wide array of essential oils, etc.  The only things I have found that kill it is peppermint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil taken internally, which isn't a super common thing to do (and you need to take a lot).

This bacteria is the reason for virtually all inflammation in the body.  Its time to take the power back and assume our rightful place as kings and queens instead of letting this bacteria control our entire society!  Having rulers over us is a symptom of mass societal infection with this bacteria.