Why does loud music cause heart problems?

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So recent research has shown loud noises over a long period of time can increase risk of heart disease, blood pressure problems, and even heart failure.  What could be the mechanism or underlying root cause of this finding?  Here is my proposed theory.  Mechanoreceptor proprioreceptors in heart cells sense when the heart beats in order to help synchronize their contraction.  Lound sounds or noises, especially low frequency bass, will cause sensory adaptation.  What this means is the cells no longer respond to the beating heart and thus fire asynchronously.  Asynchronous firing will adversely effect heart beating and can contribute to heart failure.  However I believe this sensory adaptation is temporary but can be a contributing factor in heart failure if other factors line up.

To test this theory a rat heart primary cardiac cell culture (with control dishes) should be exposed to loud music.  The synchronicity of beating should be measured against controls.

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