Triborgone: Orgonite decoded and mastered Orgone

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How does orgonite work scientifically?  This is the scientific explanation of orgonite and orgone.  It is simply triboelectric generation of negative ions.  Lets say you have a conductive object connected to an earth ground.  Depending on the relative charge of the object, the earth ground can either give or steal electrons from the object.  Have you heard of earthing?  Earthing is grounding your body to the earth.  What if I told you that you can influence whether the earth gives you vital electrons or steals them from you like a diode?  Enter Triboelectricity.  Triboelectricity is a measure of the willingness for materials to give or steal electrons.  Now if you (or air) touches this giving material, the material will give you electrons untill it runs out of electrons to give.  Now if you connect that giving material to earth ground, it will never run out of electrons to give.  Now the best giving material is Polyurethane.  This just so happens to be what orgonite is made of.  Huh.  Now to ground it simply put conductive objects in the polyurethane.  Orgonite has metal in it.  Huh.  Also to improve charge transfer through the resin you want a dielectric like quartz.  Orgonite has crystals in it.  Huh.  But to improve on the current orgonite science, these conductive objects need to be connected to earth ground with a wire (or by sitting on the earth or in water, and ideally the water connected to earth).  Also things with high dielectric constants should be added to help the material triboelectrically charge.  Barium titanate is very good at this.

So here is my triborgone design:

Aluminum or copper foil (or any type/shape of current collector) cut into a seked shape (or any shape, see my tribogon post).

Mix 2 part polyurethane adhesive and mix in generous amounts of coarse (or fine or combination) graphite powder, barium titanate powder, copper powder (or other metal) and rabbit fur. (Any or all or none of the above can be used, preferably all.  Polyurethane and rabbit fur need not be used, just  positively charging material(s) on the triboelectric series)

Paste this mix on the metal foil, both sides if possible.  Press it on if possible using wax paper to get the graphite to connect and make it conductive (perhaps it is best if it is not fully conductive so it forces charge to flow through the polyurethane to some degree.  The amount of all these ingredients need to be varied based on design of experiments).  Rabbit fur can be sprinkled on top before and/or after pressing if desired. This is making a sort of semiconductor.  Perhaps making a capacitor with an ultra thin (preferably single molecule thick) polyurethane (or other positively charging material) top layer, barium titanate (or other high dielectric constant material) middle layer, and corrent collector base layer is best?  Perhaps conductive points on top of the polyurethane is also better (this is helped by plasma etching the surface if conductive particles like graphite is mixed in)?

Connect the foil to ground from either the earth itself or in the bottom third prong in a US electrical outlet (or whatever port is ground in your country).

Build a pyramid with 8 seked's if desired.

Add a conductive capstone to the pyramid if desired.

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