A New Constitution is Born

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This is a constitution I wrote for a group.  Replace "Phoenix Trance Family (PTF)" with your own community name if you want!

Pure collaboration.  There is no "organization" or company persay.  Will work similarly to a partnership of anyone and everyone who wants to be involved, no matter what the capacity or no capacity yet, can be included in everything including decision making.

We run by consensus.  If we cannot reach a consensus (everyone agreeing) we get more people and perspectives involved.  We firmly believe with enough perspectives we can find a solution that works for everyone.  This belief recognizes the inherent and infinite value of each and every individual. We do not run by "biggest bankroll rules", most important position rules, or even majority rules.   Those methods can easily be hacked.  Consensus rules, and more perspectives included until consensus is reached, is much harder to hack.  In this way, just as long as one single person is willing to stand up for what they believe in, the group is constrained.  If PTF ever does not support your ideals and won't seem to budge for you, you are encouraged to fork it and bring everyone who agrees with you into your fork.  But the consensus mechanism is designed so that this hopefully shouldn't happen for a long while.

Since we are a partnership of sorts (but not an official partnership nor an "offical" anything) each contributer can manage themselves and their resources however they wish.  What this means is that if you want to contribute to one event and not another event, that is totally fine.  Also if you want to create your own company structure to help you manage your role(s) in PTF (like your own company or LLC), that is also perfectly fine.  However an issue will arise when PTF is intended to become dependent on a person or organization to fulfil one of its goals (and PTF's goals can change over time).  For example; Phoenix Trance Alliance would have had PTF dependent on them to host their events.  This sort of arrangment should be, and will be, resisted.

Phoenix trance family is not a profit seeking group nor does it own property.  It is run on bailments, which is just a fancy way of saying PTF holds peoples money and pays it out where the contributers want it to go.   For example money that PTF raises for an event will go to paying those who contributed to making the event a success.  So it will go to the artists, promoters, venue, workers involved, etc.  These payments and percentages of the cut will also be based on consensus (whatever amount is fair).  Someone who passed out a few flyers isn't going to reap as much as someone who funded and organized the event for example.  However this is not to say that some roles inherently deserve more compensation than others.  Again this is decided by consensus. Just because you spent money on widget A and widget B does not mean you will necessarily be compensated by PTF.  You cannot "buy things for PTF".  If you buy something you own it and you should use it to help you contribute to PTF's success.  So be smart.  Take risks but bear the burdens of your risks yourself.  This is also why communication is essential so that you don't spend your own money on something the group doesn't agree with.  Also it should be said that PTF cannot be in debt to anyone.  All the money that PTF holds rightfully belongs to those who gave it to them, and as such PTF needs to maintain accurate records of who contributed what money (this is also so that we stay legal).

Your current roles are not guarenteed forever.  Again this will be decided by consensus.  Therefore you are strongly encouraged to make your role transparent so everyone understands and is happy with what you are doing. For example if someone wants to be involved in event organization, and the people(s) currently responsible for that facet don't want to include that person, then there is a problem that will be decided by consensus.

In general the vision of PTF is a free and open community, ruled by no one and embracing of everyone in every facet of its functions.

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