Why most people can't live to 120

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So this post will not do my research justice on this topic but its better than not posting.  The fact is in order to reach 120 you need to kill off your gut bacteria.  I have read every article I have come across of the oldest people alive.  Every single one of them either modified their gut bacteria or showed signs of having a modified gut microbiome.  Lactic acid bacteria seem ok to stay alive with.  But many others especially e coli, proteus, streptococcus, etc will kill you quickly.  Death rasp caused by e coli, high blood pressure by proteus, anxiety and cancer and atrial fibrillation and dilated cardiomyopathy by streptococcus, blood clots by bacillis and fusobacterium etc etc.

Anyway scientists have gotten animals to live 50% longer with two methods.  First is fasting but this is less reliable.  The other is by growing animals with sterile guts which is very reliable.  Since both are concerned with food and gut, it is obvious the gut bacteria is the root cause in a early death for nearly everyone.

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