Tinnitus is caused by glyphosate exposure

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Ever had ringing in your ears for several seconds or longer?  A cutting edge study linked tinnitus to supression of KCNQ potassium transporter.


But I do not adhere to heroic medicine (mainstream medicine) and rather to the ecclectic approach so instead of asking what drug can we concoct that activates the KCNQ receptor, I rather ask what causes KCNQ supression in the first place?  I believe disease is not a natural state and that there must be factors causing disease.  I know it is a very controversial stance ;).  It turns out that glyphosate (roundup) which is used heavilly on all non-organic foods causes KCNQ supression.  The solution is eat more organic especially grains and beans which are heavily coated in glyphosate herbicide, and/or take oximes.  One natural source of oximes is my Envirotox recipie.  Tryptophan and tyrosine coupled with histadine and cystiene.  This is why some advocate NAC for tinnitus, it somewhat helps create oximes in the body which detox organophosphate pesticides and herbicides like glyphosate.  Best to stick to natural L-cystiene though instead.  Also ear infections and electrolyte imbalance can effect it so taking magnesium can help.  Potassium is important but if you have sluggish potassium transporters anything over 500mg of potassium at one time can cause tinnitus.  It also is likely related to ear infections so adaptogens like natures fury might help that factor.


Organic food and oximes like envirotox

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