Salicin use for sleep and counteracting kidney damage from use

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Salicin is a potent and longlasting anti-inflammatory that can help significantly for insomnia, both trouble falling asleep and early waking.  The problem is it causes lower back pain.  Those of us who have been following along will know that low back pain is caused by kidney damage from proteus bacteria.  It just so happens that salycilic acid (breakdown product of salicin) strongly induces growth of proteus causing enhanced kidney damage.  So how can we get the benefits of salicin without the kidney effects?  Simply also takes something that kills or stops the growth of proteus.  The best things I have found are eucalyptus oil and clove oil along with potassium bicarbonate.  Also salicylates (which I am allergic to but I'm fine with salicin) also can cause ulcers.  These nsaid ulcers are caused by the acid inducing bacteria like gram negative bacteria (mabye ecoli) which is killed by food grade diatomaceous earth (de).  But don't take DE when you have heartburn (because de has traces of alimunum that can dissolve in acid), first take a couple tsp of potassium bicarbonate a half hour before the DE to neutralize the acid.  But if you are not experiencing heartburn you can combine DE with salicin and clove and eucalyptus and potassium bicarbonate.  Also to extract salicin from willow bark powder simply stir the bark powder with ice cold water for a couple mins and strain or filter.  This liquid will contain the salicin.  A couple droppers full of this liquid contains a decent dose.

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