Forget Mars: The Sea Floor is the next Wild West

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The Mars delusion proposed by SpaceFX is not the future of humanity in the near term.  Expanding outside the United States for example onto the sea floor will happen very soon.  Here's how to do it.

Why the sea floor?  Because the sea surface is too unpredictable.  Waves are a surface phenomenon, one we don't want to try to conquer; the storms and tsunamis would make a stable life very difficult on the surface.  Also it would actually be quite hard to get or farm food from the surface since kelp and the like would need a surface to grow from.  Also nutrients to feed plants are not very plentiful on the surface of the open sea.

We will need oxygen to live on the sea floor right?  Sure but oxygen is the easy part.  The hard part is nitrogen.  We can't breathe pure oxygen we need it to be diluted.  Enter nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.  The great thing about nitrogen is it can be recycled.  We don't use it up.  Therefore we don't need a huge source of new nitrogen gas.  I think the first humans to live under the sea will do it near hydrothermal vents.  Here the vent water can be funneled through grow chambers where nitrifying bacteria live.  These bacteria will convert the ammonia present in the fluid into nitrates.  These nitrates can then be fed to plants (since we will need food anyway like kelp or other plants that contain lots of nitrogen but dont need dry rich soil) and then the plant mater fed to denitrifying bacteria which will in turn release nitrogen gas.  Also the plants will produce the oxygen we need.

Oxygen can be made in a few ways.  The most obvious would be direct electrolysis.  I propose that this will be a dominant way as we will have plenty of electricity as I will describe later.  But growing plants as described above will probably provide enough oxygen, but I'm sure electrolysis of water will also be used for supplementary oxygen.

So how do we grow the plants underwater with little to no sunlight?  We produce our own grow lights.  How do we do we get the electricity?  Pyramids.  Pyramid is the shape of an atmospheric triboelectric harvester.  In my Tribogon idea, I explain how pyramids can be used to generate a charge on a capacitor and this charge used to charge batteries or whatnot.  This is how electricity will be generated on the sea floor, using water as the "atmosphere" to generate charge.  Also we will be near hydrothermal vents with a high positive ion concentration.  We could have a wire into the sea floor and a wire or electrode around the vent.  This will be like a battery, the positive terminal is the current collector around the vent, and the negative electrode is in the sea floor.

Also for food; creatures around the vent can be collected for a protien source.

Heat can be just captured from the hydrothermal vent.

CO2 also is abundant around hydrothermal vents.  If extra CO2 is needed for growing plants carbonate minerals around the vents can be collected and heated, releasing CO2.  Also we will breathe out CO2 which the plants can use.

What about drinkable water?  Well we have heat from the hydrothermal vent and cold water away from the vent so use the heated water to evaporate water vapor, and a cold finger to condense water out of the air into a drinkable liquid.

And I think that is about it.  I guess the hardest part will be to make water and air tight capsules to live in!  As this post suggests, the first underwater dwellers will likely be living on/around/near hydrothermal vents.  And I also predict these first dwellers will be responding to a "gold rush" of sorts, valuable things will be mined near these vents.  Sort of like how the gold rush in the American west caused expansion into hitherto unknown realms as well!

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