DreamLab: A new type of idea incubator, coworking space, and entertainment venue

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DreamLab of (Dream Lab) is a term for the next generation of coworking spaces.  Not only are more people working the new era of jobs where you contract for the likes of amazon or uber or bird or doordash, but also people in normal jobs are starting to work from home as well.

This new era in jobs requires a new era in working spaces.  The rennaissance was also born out of coworking spaces at the workshops of the master artists at the time.  This sort of collaboration provides powerful insights and cross pollination of varied industries.

Dreamlab will be defined as follows.  A place for the combination of working, entertainment, and education that empowers the individuals present.  That is the goal, human empowerment.  This is accomplished by any or all of the following or more(or none of the following and entirely different things):

creating and connecting people to opportunities
-inspiration: positive entertainment (music, art, video games), collaboration (open source, in person)
-education: seminars, workshops, presentations, labs (CAD, chemistry, physics)

-web hosting
-crypto mining (cpu gpu asic)

The goal and intention is to foster the growth of new cutting edge industries and create new and more relevant and more powerful opportunities that can change the world for the better..

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