DEVELOPING: Anaerobic bacreria the final frontier in curing disease?

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So there were signs I hadn't finished killing bacteria in my body.  The first bacteria I killed was gram negatives like ecoli and salmonella, I accidentally killed them with food grade DE while trying to kill pinworms to try to cure my insomnia.  Second I killed gut gram positive bacteria with steroidal saponins.  At this junction Advanced Detox Cleanse was created starting with tribulus extract and DE.  Super advanced detox cleanse was started to include activated charcoal.  I thought at this point that I had cleaned myself out totally but I still had blood sugar regulation problems. After this I realized that adaptogens contain triterpenoid saponins and that these, with enhanced absorbtion from combining with steroidal saponins, can kill strep bacteria which cause fear and anxiety and panic.  From there I realized that proteus bacteria cause lower back pain and that eucalyptus oil and clove oil can kill those.  I also realized that ginger killed the campylobacter that causes brain buzzing and other neuropathic problems.  And h pylori causes constant throat clearing and is killed with wheatgrass juice powder. Then clostridium such as perferingins and difficile which cause severe stabbing and sharp gut pains which are also killed with adaptogens.  And finally TB which lives in the neck, lungs, and gut causing many problems which I'm still figuring out.

And I thought that was all.  But I knew something wasn't quite right because I was still having trouble sleeping after all the above.  I could get back to sleep after killing several bacteria such as strep, campylobacter and proteus.  But I would have to do this every night.  There had to be a reason why I was so suseptible to sleep disruption...

Enter a dream.  I dreamed of meeting a physician and they showed my willow bark powder.  I was resistant in my dream because I am allergic to asprin.  But I got some and tried it and noticed it helped me get back to sleep.  Salicin I am not allergic to so it is ok for me.  Turns out it is antiinflammatory.  So I looked at what bacteria may cause inflammation and it led me to anaerobics.

I had already knew about anerobics from my journey with TEEF powder however I never thought it could be a gut or systemic issue.  It appears it is.  Primarily Prevotella and Haemophilis are the big anaerobic players.  These bacteria are killed with peppermint essential oil and cinnamon essential oil.  It turns out that inflammation causes sleep apnea and these anaerobics cause inflammation.  Also I linked in my mind cinnamon with diabetes so mabye anaerobics are causing that.  Also a problem I never really overcame was chest pains and mostly my heart skipping beats frequently after eating fatty meals for a week or so.  Taking adaptogens like natures fury helped a little, but not completely.  Anaerobic bacteria are probably responsible for chest pains and heart skupping beats (palpitations) in the heart.  Also I noticed after taking adaptogens I tended to get angrier.  I figured this was from boosted testosterone but in fact may be due to overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria.  Mabye all the benefits of antioxidants is merely just counteracting anaerobic bacteria.  Anaerobics like haemophilis can also cause bone loss like osteoporosis.  They also can cause antsiness and adhd.  Also it seems anaerobics cause skin picking and hair pulling and other nervous tic disorders.  That is because anaerobic bacteria requires staph bacteria in order to grow.  Picking skin or pulling hair releases staph bacteria into the blood enhancing anaerobic growth in the body.  Also tension headaches and scrunching of your eyebrows constantly also seems to be caused by anaerobics.  Swollen tonsills are caused by streptococcus comnined with haemophilis influenzae (anaerobic).  H influenzae and strep also cause adenoids which cause snoring and sleep apnea.  H influenzae also causes epiglottis and muffled voice, meningitis and stiff neck, and red eyes and worsening vision, and worsening hearing.  Also causes trouble sleeping or staying asleep, and also excessive sleeping.  Also appears to cause gynecomastia.

Anaerobics in the stomach may cause a lot of the inflammation linked to h pylori.  So an effective h pylori treatment probably should include peppermint and cinnamon to kill off the proteobacter that are multiplying the inflammation caused by h pylori.

This is developing and more will be posted here as its discovered and also quinessential guide to gut microbes will also be updated.

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