Biggest Space Hoax near its end: ISS will burn up within a few years

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An international conspiracy, the International "space station" is near it's final bow.  The latest drama of a supposed hole drilled in it (or small meteorite impact) is just to prepare the people of the world for the horrific burning up of the "space station" in the atmosphere soon.  These space stations, and even satellites are hoaxes and they all eventually burn up in the atmosphere.  The space stations are made out of the space shuttles.  When they used to launch these space shuttles the shuttles would go into orbit, then a weird contraption was mechanically unfurled to look like solar panels and whatnot.  In the case of satellites, these are launched all the time by satellite companies to keep the delusion alive that your internet and TV was coming from space.  In fact large ground based dishes and towers are used to beam signal into the sky and bounce it off the ionosphere.  It makes people suspicious that they point their directTV dish to the same point in the sky all the time so they made up the notion of geosynchronous satellites.  In reality these dishes are just picking up reflections off the ionosphere.  In order for the signal to reflect off the ionosphere the signal has the be beamed at large angles to get "total internal reflection" of the beam, and that is why the dishes are pointed more straight out rather than upwards.  If satellite TV and internet was in fact beamed down from satellites, why has there been little to no improvement in speed while 4G and soon 5G will leave satellite in the dust from just basic cell towers? The answer is that "satellite" is just a beam technology that can be reflected from the ionosphere so there isn't really room for them to tweak the beam to improve speeds.  With 5G the satellite hoax will soon be toast, and so will the ISS, the last standing vestige of this international conspiracy.  And space satellite launching contractors like SpaceFX will loose a large portion of their income when companies are no longer launching satellites for the PR.

MIR and other "space station" amateur pictures

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