You can trace an infinity sign with 2 levers or pendulums

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The infinity sign.  But can you figure out how to trace it out automatically?  Sinply 2 levers will do the job.  One lever or pendulum moving back and forth, an another lever/pendulum connected to the first swinging perpendicularly to the first.

What is so special about this sign?  Well it is how you tread water right?  Two perpendicular levers; your arms and your wrists twisting.  How hummingbirds fly, wings flapping back and forth and wings twisting.  More generally, the right hand rule of the coupled rotations need to be perpendicular.

This is how you hover.  If you understand that space is made of stationary photons, you can use this principle with magnetic fields to levitate in space.  Couple this with the antigravity of strong positive charge, and you have levitation.

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