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Thanks to free speech web host prq.se - we will be able to launch a free speech alternative to wikipedia in the near future.  Thankfully there is an opening to have a centralized platform that can preserve free speech relatively well.  I will still have to remove illegal content, but besides that anything can be posted.  You are encouraged to not only upload your text but also you can attach .txt files which can include html and links to pictures and whatnot.  It is intended to be a repository of human knowledge.

How is it different to other wikipedia alternatives  like everipedia and citizendium and wikinfo knowino and conservapedia and everything2 and h2g2?

Well it ISN'T a encyclopedia nor does it try to be.  It is designed to be a sort of mini-internet.  If the internet and it's websites are like houses, DeepWiki will be like a longhouse; ruled by a chief where many people stay for free.  It's a community.  Deep wiki is about sharing your knowledge, even though the info might not fit in on your blog and you don't want it to be lost in the sea of social media.  DeepWiki is about preserving knowledge, your knowledge.  DeepWiki is about bypassing the Google ghetto and browsing around for interesting articles on DeepWiki; unbeholden to search engine censorship.  You can password protect your pages if you want so only you and your friends can edit your page(s).  You can write an article competing with another article on the same topic.  DeepWiki does not require citations (but they are encouraged).  DeepWiki allows external links.  DeepWiki doesn't hope or pretend to be authoritative because Deepwikans believe that there is nothing authoritative in this world.  We are all humans and even if we were presented with perfect truth we wouldn't have the words to describe it nor could we communicate it to others.  Deepwikans realize this and do their best to pursue truth - one interesting idea at a time.

Stay tuned for DeepWiki.org.

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