Symptoms linked to bacteria that disrupt sleep

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In order of commonality.  Oftentimes you can only notice these symptoms when falling asleep or waking up.

1.  Brain zaps or random tingling or pins and needles like sensations or restless legs.

  Linked with: Campylobacter Jejuni

  Resevoirs:  Undercooked chicken.

  Killed with:  Ginger powder (not extract powder)

2.  Muscle twitching or spasms or laughing.

  Linked with: Clostridium Tetani

  Resevoirs:  Wounds with foreign bodies including teeth.

  Killed with:  Triterpenoid saponins or adaptogens like natures fury.

3.  Nightmares or waking up in fear and your heart racing or pounding or panic attack.

  Linked with:  Streptococcus or staphylococcus spp.

  Resevoirs:  Tonsils or subclinically infected teeth or eyes or ears.

  Killed with: triterpenoid saponins or adaptogens solubilized by steroidal saponins like  tribulus terrestrus.  Like natures fury.

4.  Water retention especially puffy face and eyes or lower back pain or pressure in the head or sinuses or high blood pressure or restless legs.

  Linked with: Proteus Mirabilis and kidney damage.

  Resevoirs:  UTI's

  Killed with:  Eucalyptus and Clove essential oils.

  Improved with:  Potassium supplementation.

5.  Stiff neck or heartburn (emphasis on burn) or random stabbing pains in the body or constipation or diabetes or hairloss or gynecomastia.

  Linked with: Mycobacterium Bovis.

  Resevoirs:  Deep cervical (neck) lymph nodes of animals.

  Killed with:  Garlic extract powder.

6.  Random crawling sensations in skin like bugs.

  Linked with:  Pseudomonas spp.

  Resevoirs:  Untreated well water

  Killed with:  Food grade diatomaceous earth, cinnamon bark eo

7.  ADHD, skin picking or hair pulling, excitotoxicity

  Linked with: Haemophilis influenzae (HIB) or other spp.

  Resevoirs:  Animal and human milk

  Killed with:  Mint and cinnamon essential oils.

  Improved with:  Possibly Salicin

8.  Hidden allergies and/or inflammation

  Linked with: Ecoli and other gram negative bacteria

  Resevoirs: Animal and human feces, contaminated water

  Killed with: thyme, mustard, horseradish, food grade de

  Improved with: Salicin (see my salicin post) nd Curcumin

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