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I have had an abscessed tooth for several days now.  This was a tooth that I broke about 4-5 years ago which prompted me to create TEEF powder as a natural alternative to dentists.  The recipe has evolved sooo far since then (started out using baking powder as the main ingredient!) not only did I introduce TTCP but invented TTCPP (tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) and tuned the essential oil blend to be an incredible synergy against nearly every bacteria.

Well today is the start of a whole new chapter in the TEEF saga.  TEEF powder seriously helped my broken tooth (by the way broke it because I was brushing with baking soda, very bad idea) but alas I must have been grinding my teeth a few days ago because it cracked again in a serious way.  The pain was a 10; if I didn't keep cold water on it every couple minutes, it would hurt so bad that my eyes would water uncontrollably.  So my first attempt was to use peppermint essential oil to kill the anaerobic bacteria likely causing this.  This helped a lot.  Brought the pain to a 3 (3 being bad enough to cause issues sleeping but not excruciating).  Added in clove as well thanks to Dr. Axe article.  This also helped a lot.  Salt water rinses also helped, but I know this is not good for the teeth so started to think to use my TTCP.  Also hydrogen peroxide really helped and took some of my gum and upper roof of mouth swelling down.

I figured well why not make a mouthwash so I can get all these ingredients together.  So here is my preliminary recipe.  I am a little worried essential oils mixed with h2o2 will cause oxidation but so far so good.

Turns out essential oils do oxidize making something that really burns the tongue!  0.5% hydrogen peroxide seems to be the highest percentage that can be used regularly.

Turns out the hydrogen peroxide is just not a good thing in a mouthwash you want to use a lot.

New recipe makes 500mL:

1g quercetin (this replaces h2o2 and also kills anaerobic bacteria and is an anti-oxidant)
2g gynostemma extract (natural soap/saponin to dissolve oils)
 essential oils drops:
thyme                20
oregano               10
cinnamon cassia  10
peppermint           25
clove                    10
orange                 5
carrot                   10
ginger                  5
lemongrass          5

New recipe makes 500mL:

5mL 35% H2O2 (0.33%)

1mg selenous acid (gives calcium selenate from the alkaline pH and h2o2; fuel for white blood cells)

10g TTCP (reacted for 8 hrs then filtered out.  Gives some -hopefully water soluble- TTCPP which is tetracalcium phosphate peroxide which I figure is very good at teeth remineralization but that is just an educated hunch!)

5g proline (helps protect cells from hydrogen peroxide also a component of collagen and scaffolding for enamel -not saying this necessarily acts like this here just in the biological world-)

Add distilled water up to 500 mL.


15ml 35% h2o2 (gives 1%)
10g TTCP
2g gynostemma extract powder (90% saponins)

essential oils in drops (100 drops total):

thymol                  20
oregano                10
cinnamon cassia   10
peppermint           25
clove                    10
orange                  5
carrot                   10
ginger                  5
lemongrass          5

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