My Take on Alex Jones Was Banned

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Alex Jones isn't perfect.  He is boisterous and in your face.  His message is unique and a very valuable perspective whether or not he is exactly right about what he says.  He is a perfect example of someone not afraid to speak his mind in a constructive way to expose the root causes of the problems we face in society every day.  Knowledge is power and Alex Jones has empowered millions of people to not loose hope but fight back for liberty and freedom.  He has given liberty minded freedom loving people the entire world over hope that we can change this and change the trajectory of the enslaving society that has overcome the world in recent centuries.

Alex Jones pulls punches.  I still think no one died at Sandy Hook and dozens of other heavily mainstream media'd supposed shootings.  But Alex Jones has given into the pressure and now believes what the media forced him to believe that Sandy Hook was a Genuine tragedy.  Genuine Tragedies happen every day but never make the news.  The only thing that the media goes head over heels for are manufactured crises that are designed to manipulate society and laws and regulations.  The mainstream media is bought and paid for by mega billion dollar corporations and "journalists" will loose their jobs if they don't toe the corporate line.

We all knew Alex Jones would be banned.  People like me protested social media and left the platforms long ago.  Social media is the Section 8 of the internet.  The internet was designed to prevent this from happening.  Everyone can register a domain and host their own webpage.  This is an extremely strong way to prevent censorship.  But everyone just loves abdicating this freedom by posting everything on an internet ghetto known as social media.  Drudge warned Alex Jones to get the hell off social media years ago but he didn't listen.  To Jones' credit though, his banning has really launched him even farther into the mainstream news cycle.  A true genius that rides the grey waters to get launched even farther.  Personally I think he is riding dangerous waters and instead of leveraging these unconstitutional services - he should be focusing on building real liberty minded platforms like his own website.

The true direction for the future is face to face communication.  When we waste our lives on social media we are missing out on 95% of true communication that is all verbal and non verbal - none of which you get on social media.  the future is the OpenEstate movement (that I will describe in the future) where people open up property to be open marketplaces of ideas and shared experiences.  The true liberty movement and renaissance 2.0 will be in these decentralized OpenEstates across the nation and world.

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