Human Empowerment (HE): Politics are for disempowered people

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The right and left are two sides of the same coin.  We have all heard this and many agree, but what does this really mean and how can we understand it?  Politics is the practice of controlling people.  Conservatives and Liberals both want to control people and that is their common denominator.  Republicans want to force people to go to war and buy from monopoly corporations and not grow certain plants.  Democrats want to force you to pay for and subsidize things that less fortunate people want to do like go to school, do low level labor, etc.

Sadly politics is a open mafia.  Since it is open access; non-political (non-controlling) people must destroy it from the inside much like Trump is doing.  Others need to destroy politics from the outside by exposing it's true nature much like Alex Jones.

Just like we can say Christianity is non-religious by nature (it was born out of putting away the fallen religion of Judaism), so we can say the Constitution is non-political in nature (it was born out of putting away the politics of Britain).

People who tend to not want to force people to do anything tend to consider themselves libertarian.  But to me this term is defensive instead of offensive.  It is passive instead of active.  It focuses on the symptom and not the cause.  The symptom of bieng disempowered is a lack of liberty.  The symptom of bieng empowered is liberty.  So instead of focusing on liberty, we need to focus on empowerment.  Bieng passive is safe.  You can hold on to the edge of the swimming pool and not risk anything.  If you have ever seen someone learning to swim this is what they do.  But in order to get anywhere in life we have to wade out into the deep end and let go of the pool edge.  We need to be active.  And instead of saying that liberty should be protected and liberty works, we need to show it works by making it work.  This is done with empowering others.  If you want to know how to do this then you are at the right website.  My whole goal in life is to empower others, and in so striving I end up empowering myself too.  This is how it works.  If you focus on empowering yourself, you will fail.  Again its the passive vs active mindset.  But in striving to empower others you will find yourself with everything you need to be empowered yourself.  Help yourself so you can help others?  That is an oxymoron.  If you want to learn, you must teach.

Empowerment brings liberty.  How?  Because when you are empowered you can effect the change you need in life.  Political insititutions want you to be disempowered so that you accept their rulership over you in exchange for something you need like protection, or health care, or an income.  Empowered people have no need for these guarentees and would rather take their chances.  

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