How to install ubuntu server on Dell PowerEdge 2650 server

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So I got a server to host my new wiki website.  It is slightly ancient (cost me $90) but it is a very reliable server.  Here's how to install ubuntu linux on it.

1.  Configure the raid using ctrl a when that comes up on the screen.

2.  Use F2 to enter bios but do not set it to 'os install mode'.  This limits you to 256 mb ram.

3.  You must use a 32 bit (i386) version of ubuntu.  This is a 32 bit computer.

3.  You cannot use a USB drive to install ubuntu but you can use DVD so burn a ubuntu server image to DVD-R.

4.  You cannot use a usb keyboard or mouse.  Use a PS2 keyboard only during installation.  If you use usb the installation will freeze.

5.  Then just follow the ubuntu options to install.

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