How to make and extract Caffeic acid from bee propilis

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Caffeic acid is a potent tannin like (as such works great for cankers and h pylori) antioxidant that can be easily absorbed orally.  It also is a natural antihistamine (mabye helping with sleep?).  Bee propilis contains the highest concentration of caffeic acid of any natural product but it is in the ester form.  Simply add a little bit of potassium bicarbonate to water and mix in the bee propilis and heat for 1hr while stirring.  This produces alkaline hydrolysis of the ester and produces potassium caffeate which can be easily absorbed.  Next you can evaporate off this water and you will be left with potassium caffeate which will store practically indefinatly.


How to install ubuntu server on Dell PowerEdge 2650 server

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So I got a server to host my new wiki website.  It is slightly ancient (cost me $90) but it is a very reliable server.  Here's how to install ubuntu linux on it.

1.  Configure the raid using ctrl a when that comes up on the screen.

2.  Use F2 to enter bios but do not set it to 'os install mode'.  This limits you to 256 mb ram.

3.  You must use a 32 bit (i386) version of ubuntu.  This is a 32 bit computer.

3.  You cannot use a USB drive to install ubuntu but you can use DVD so burn a ubuntu server image to DVD-R.

4.  You cannot use a usb keyboard or mouse.  Use a PS2 keyboard only during installation.  If you use usb the installation will freeze.

5.  Then just follow the ubuntu options to install.


Wikipedia competing platform launching soon DeepWiki.org

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Thanks to free speech web host prq.se - we will be able to launch a free speech alternative to wikipedia in the near future.  Thankfully there is an opening to have a centralized platform that can preserve free speech relatively well.  I will still have to remove illegal content, but besides that anything can be posted.  You are encouraged to not only upload your text but also you can attach .txt files which can include html and links to pictures and whatnot.  It is intended to be a repository of human knowledge.

How is it different to other wikipedia alternatives  like everipedia and citizendium and wikinfo knowino and conservapedia and everything2 and h2g2?

Well it ISN'T a encyclopedia nor does it try to be.  It is designed to be a sort of mini-internet.  If the internet and it's websites are like houses, DeepWiki will be like a longhouse; ruled by a chief where many people stay for free.  It's a community.  Deep wiki is about sharing your knowledge, even though the info might not fit in on your blog and you don't want it to be lost in the sea of social media.  DeepWiki is about preserving knowledge, your knowledge.  DeepWiki is about bypassing the Google ghetto and browsing around for interesting articles on DeepWiki; unbeholden to search engine censorship.  You can password protect your pages if you want so only you and your friends can edit your page(s).  You can write an article competing with another article on the same topic.  DeepWiki does not require citations (but they are encouraged).  DeepWiki allows external links.  DeepWiki doesn't hope or pretend to be authoritative because Deepwikans believe that there is nothing authoritative in this world.  We are all humans and even if we were presented with perfect truth we wouldn't have the words to describe it nor could we communicate it to others.  Deepwikans realize this and do their best to pursue truth - one interesting idea at a time.

Stay tuned for DeepWiki.org.


Human Empowerment (HE): Politics are for disempowered people

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The right and left are two sides of the same coin.  We have all heard this and many agree, but what does this really mean and how can we understand it?  Politics is the practice of controlling people.  Conservatives and Liberals both want to control people and that is their common denominator.  Republicans want to force people to go to war and buy from monopoly corporations and not grow certain plants.  Democrats want to force you to pay for and subsidize things that less fortunate people want to do like go to school, do low level labor, etc.

Sadly politics is a open mafia.  Since it is open access; non-political (non-controlling) people must destroy it from the inside much like Trump is doing.  Others need to destroy politics from the outside by exposing it's true nature much like Alex Jones.

Just like we can say Christianity is non-religious by nature (it was born out of putting away the fallen religion of Judaism), so we can say the Constitution is non-political in nature (it was born out of putting away the politics of Britain).

People who tend to not want to force people to do anything tend to consider themselves libertarian.  But to me this term is defensive instead of offensive.  It is passive instead of active.  It focuses on the symptom and not the cause.  The symptom of bieng disempowered is a lack of liberty.  The symptom of bieng empowered is liberty.  So instead of focusing on liberty, we need to focus on empowerment.  Bieng passive is safe.  You can hold on to the edge of the swimming pool and not risk anything.  If you have ever seen someone learning to swim this is what they do.  But in order to get anywhere in life we have to wade out into the deep end and let go of the pool edge.  We need to be active.  And instead of saying that liberty should be protected and liberty works, we need to show it works by making it work.  This is done with empowering others.  If you want to know how to do this then you are at the right website.  My whole goal in life is to empower others, and in so striving I end up empowering myself too.  This is how it works.  If you focus on empowering yourself, you will fail.  Again its the passive vs active mindset.  But in striving to empower others you will find yourself with everything you need to be empowered yourself.  Help yourself so you can help others?  That is an oxymoron.  If you want to learn, you must teach.

Empowerment brings liberty.  How?  Because when you are empowered you can effect the change you need in life.  Political insititutions want you to be disempowered so that you accept their rulership over you in exchange for something you need like protection, or health care, or an income.  Empowered people have no need for these guarentees and would rather take their chances.  


Symptoms linked to bacteria that disrupt sleep

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In order of commonality.  Oftentimes you can only notice these symptoms when falling asleep or waking up.

1.  Brain zaps or random tingling or pins and needles like sensations or restless legs.

  Linked with: Campylobacter Jejuni

  Resevoirs:  Undercooked chicken.

  Killed with:  Ginger powder (not extract powder)

2.  Muscle twitching or spasms or laughing.

  Linked with: Clostridium Tetani

  Resevoirs:  Wounds with foreign bodies including teeth.

  Killed with:  Triterpenoid saponins or adaptogens like natures fury.

3.  Nightmares or waking up in fear and your heart racing or pounding or panic attack.

  Linked with:  Streptococcus or staphylococcus spp.

  Resevoirs:  Tonsils or subclinically infected teeth or eyes or ears.

  Killed with: triterpenoid saponins or adaptogens solubilized by steroidal saponins like  tribulus terrestrus.  Like natures fury.

4.  Water retention especially puffy face and eyes or lower back pain or pressure in the head or sinuses or high blood pressure or restless legs.

  Linked with: Proteus Mirabilis and kidney damage.

  Resevoirs:  UTI's

  Killed with:  Eucalyptus and Clove essential oils.

  Improved with:  Potassium supplementation.

5.  Stiff neck or heartburn (emphasis on burn) or random stabbing pains in the body or constipation or diabetes or hairloss or gynecomastia.

  Linked with: Mycobacterium Bovis.

  Resevoirs:  Deep cervical (neck) lymph nodes of animals.

  Killed with:  Garlic extract powder.

6.  Random crawling sensations in skin like bugs.

  Linked with:  Pseudomonas spp.

  Resevoirs:  Untreated well water

  Killed with:  Food grade diatomaceous earth, cinnamon bark eo

7.  ADHD, skin picking or hair pulling, excitotoxicity

  Linked with: Haemophilis influenzae (HIB) or other spp.

  Resevoirs:  Animal and human milk

  Killed with:  Mint and cinnamon essential oils.

  Improved with:  Possibly Salicin

8.  Hidden allergies and/or inflammation

  Linked with: Ecoli and other gram negative bacteria

  Resevoirs: Animal and human feces, contaminated water

  Killed with: thyme, mustard, horseradish, food grade de

  Improved with: Salicin (see my salicin post) nd Curcumin


You can trace an infinity sign with 2 levers or pendulums

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The infinity sign.  But can you figure out how to trace it out automatically?  Sinply 2 levers will do the job.  One lever or pendulum moving back and forth, an another lever/pendulum connected to the first swinging perpendicularly to the first.

What is so special about this sign?  Well it is how you tread water right?  Two perpendicular levers; your arms and your wrists twisting.  How hummingbirds fly, wings flapping back and forth and wings twisting.  More generally, the right hand rule of the coupled rotations need to be perpendicular.

This is how you hover.  If you understand that space is made of stationary photons, you can use this principle with magnetic fields to levitate in space.  Couple this with the antigravity of strong positive charge, and you have levitation.

Comet ISON period 333 years was Kirch and Negra

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In the past I spoke about how Comet ISON was the same comet as Negra and has a period of 666 years.  While I still think that is a possibility, I find it a stronger possibility that in fact the period is actually 333 years.  This would align it not only with the comet of the black death in 1347, but also the great comet of 1680.  Also find spectacular comets around 348, 681, and 1014 (comet chunk caused tsunami)  Also 15AD but this one was before revelation was written.  Instead of putting us at the 4th horseman, this puts us at the 6th seal where the moon turns blood red (lunar eclipse tertad) and the sun turns black (X shaped solar eclipses over the US in 2017 and 2024).  I think these eclipses signify the rise of the beast in 2017, Xi Jingping, and the antichrist Martin O'Malley in 2024.  As I have said time and time again just because a beast and antichrist are rising it is not the end of the world.  This has happened dozens of times in history, everytime there is a Revelation 12 sign in Virgo.


Likely 681 passing in nuremburg chronicle

This person got it!  How they figured out the 333 year cycle so early on is beyond me

Actually this person likely figured it out first and I think this post is what had me thinking my 666 year idea may be wrong and instead 333 years

DECEMBER 24 – 26, 2013
680 – 685AD
348 AD
As it was in Noah’s day nobody would listen to him giving the warning. Many thought it was funny till the rain water from the Comet would not stop for days on end. Very Sad for many will be sorry.
Pray for your love ones and lead them to are LORD while you can.
Matthew 24:37
The Lord’s Little Helper
Paul Felix Schott
May 16, 2013


NatureHacker's TEEF Mouthwash

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I have had an abscessed tooth for several days now.  This was a tooth that I broke about 4-5 years ago which prompted me to create TEEF powder as a natural alternative to dentists.  The recipe has evolved sooo far since then (started out using baking powder as the main ingredient!) not only did I introduce TTCP but invented TTCPP (tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) and tuned the essential oil blend to be an incredible synergy against nearly every bacteria.

Well today is the start of a whole new chapter in the TEEF saga.  TEEF powder seriously helped my broken tooth (by the way broke it because I was brushing with baking soda, very bad idea) but alas I must have been grinding my teeth a few days ago because it cracked again in a serious way.  The pain was a 10; if I didn't keep cold water on it every couple minutes, it would hurt so bad that my eyes would water uncontrollably.  So my first attempt was to use peppermint essential oil to kill the anaerobic bacteria likely causing this.  This helped a lot.  Brought the pain to a 3 (3 being bad enough to cause issues sleeping but not excruciating).  Added in clove as well thanks to Dr. Axe article.  This also helped a lot.  Salt water rinses also helped, but I know this is not good for the teeth so started to think to use my TTCP.  Also hydrogen peroxide really helped and took some of my gum and upper roof of mouth swelling down.

I figured well why not make a mouthwash so I can get all these ingredients together.  So here is my preliminary recipe.  I am a little worried essential oils mixed with h2o2 will cause oxidation but so far so good.

Turns out essential oils do oxidize making something that really burns the tongue!  0.5% hydrogen peroxide seems to be the highest percentage that can be used regularly.

Turns out the hydrogen peroxide is just not a good thing in a mouthwash you want to use a lot.

New recipe makes 500mL:

1g quercetin (this replaces h2o2 and also kills anaerobic bacteria and is an anti-oxidant)
2g gynostemma extract (natural soap/saponin to dissolve oils)
 essential oils drops:
thyme                20
oregano               10
cinnamon cassia  10
peppermint           25
clove                    10
orange                 5
carrot                   10
ginger                  5
lemongrass          5

New recipe makes 500mL:

5mL 35% H2O2 (0.33%)

1mg selenous acid (gives calcium selenate from the alkaline pH and h2o2; fuel for white blood cells)

10g TTCP (reacted for 8 hrs then filtered out.  Gives some -hopefully water soluble- TTCPP which is tetracalcium phosphate peroxide which I figure is very good at teeth remineralization but that is just an educated hunch!)

5g proline (helps protect cells from hydrogen peroxide also a component of collagen and scaffolding for enamel -not saying this necessarily acts like this here just in the biological world-)

Add distilled water up to 500 mL.


15ml 35% h2o2 (gives 1%)
10g TTCP
2g gynostemma extract powder (90% saponins)

essential oils in drops (100 drops total):

thymol                  20
oregano                10
cinnamon cassia   10
peppermint           25
clove                    10
orange                  5
carrot                   10
ginger                  5
lemongrass          5


My Take on Alex Jones Was Banned

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Alex Jones isn't perfect.  He is boisterous and in your face.  His message is unique and a very valuable perspective whether or not he is exactly right about what he says.  He is a perfect example of someone not afraid to speak his mind in a constructive way to expose the root causes of the problems we face in society every day.  Knowledge is power and Alex Jones has empowered millions of people to not loose hope but fight back for liberty and freedom.  He has given liberty minded freedom loving people the entire world over hope that we can change this and change the trajectory of the enslaving society that has overcome the world in recent centuries.

Alex Jones pulls punches.  I still think no one died at Sandy Hook and dozens of other heavily mainstream media'd supposed shootings.  But Alex Jones has given into the pressure and now believes what the media forced him to believe that Sandy Hook was a Genuine tragedy.  Genuine Tragedies happen every day but never make the news.  The only thing that the media goes head over heels for are manufactured crises that are designed to manipulate society and laws and regulations.  The mainstream media is bought and paid for by mega billion dollar corporations and "journalists" will loose their jobs if they don't toe the corporate line.

We all knew Alex Jones would be banned.  People like me protested social media and left the platforms long ago.  Social media is the Section 8 of the internet.  The internet was designed to prevent this from happening.  Everyone can register a domain and host their own webpage.  This is an extremely strong way to prevent censorship.  But everyone just loves abdicating this freedom by posting everything on an internet ghetto known as social media.  Drudge warned Alex Jones to get the hell off social media years ago but he didn't listen.  To Jones' credit though, his banning has really launched him even farther into the mainstream news cycle.  A true genius that rides the grey waters to get launched even farther.  Personally I think he is riding dangerous waters and instead of leveraging these unconstitutional services - he should be focusing on building real liberty minded platforms like his own website.

The true direction for the future is face to face communication.  When we waste our lives on social media we are missing out on 95% of true communication that is all verbal and non verbal - none of which you get on social media.  the future is the OpenEstate movement (that I will describe in the future) where people open up property to be open marketplaces of ideas and shared experiences.  The true liberty movement and renaissance 2.0 will be in these decentralized OpenEstates across the nation and world.


Make your own natural Gasoline Alternative

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86 octane equivalent recipe: (with methanol at $1.13 a gallon (large quantities) and canola oil $6/gal at walmart, comes out to $1.79 a gallon.  However more of this mixture will need to be used per mile so MPG will go down or the speed you can go will decrease if you are using the same amount of fuel.)

74% methanol or ethanol
16% canola oil (cheapest but any oil can be used in similar quantities)
0.1g potassium hydroxide (or equivalent moles of NaOH or Ammonium hydroxide or other alkali)

(canola oil may dissolve easier if starting with less methanol than the full amount to dissolve the potassium hydroxide and oil)

Another option is to mix biodiesel with alcohol.  15% Biodiesel and 75% alcohol gives 87 Octane.  I call any biodiesel/alcohol mixture BioGo.  It can include also limonene or any other non polar solvent at any percent but preferably 1-5%.  This addition will reduce the vapor pressure (evaporate less) and perhaps have other benefits. 


First recipie:
per 100g

70g methanol
30g vegetable oil preferably coconut or peanut
0.2g potassium hydroxide

make certain pH is 7 if not add a bit more oil.If cloudy heat a little to get to dissolve.  Also test that it doesn't become cloudy when put in the freezer.  If it does add more methanol (or a teeny tiny bit of lye if you don't want to mess up the ratio {which hasn't been tested btw, any ratio of oil to methanol or ethanol is allowed in this invention and can vary depending on octane needed and cetane/octane values of the ingredients}. Also sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, or any other soluble alkali can be used to saponify the oil.  If the car's idle is too high, then add more alcohol.  If the idle is too low, add more oil.

So a couple years ago I made a 15% turpentine 85% peanut oil blend and ran a diesel engine off of it very smoothly.  My goal was to produce a water based diesel fuel but I never really got to the experiments.  I never really thought of making an alternative fuel for gasoline engines, mostly because I know that diesel was designed to run on vegetable oil so I figured that was a better platform.

Problem is diesel engines are just not that common or cheap. Gasoline engines are.  And I finally know enough to be able to design such a fuel.

Ethanol and Methanol are great fuels.  The problem is they just aren't "thick" enough to run on an unmodified engine.  Well why not add some heavier oils?  Say a dash of coconut or peanut oil?  So instead of turpentine thinned oil for diesel, we can make oil thickened alcohol for gas engines.  The problem is oil doesn't dissolve very well in alcohol.  Well just add a little lye to help it dissolve.


90% methanol/ethanol
5% limonene/turpentine
 4.9% Natural oil
~0.1% Lye
mix until all is dissolved
(make sure the solution is roughly pH 7 before using)

You can even omit the oil and lye and just use non-polar solvents like turpentine/mineral spirits and/or limonene to thicken the alcohol.  Make the percentage equal to the octane you desire.  This works because alcohol is higher octane than gasoline and these non-polar solvents are lower octane than gasoline.

Why the limonene or turpentine?  Why not.  Makes it smell nice, mixes with the alcohol well, and probably would help dissolve carbon deposits.  Win-win right?

This will likely be the cleanest burning personal transportation fuel ever invented since alcohol burns so nicely with extremely low emissions.  A car running this would pass any emissions test with no exhaust gas return or catalytic converter.

Cetane of vegetable oils

cetane vs octane opposite

methanol/ethanol 108.7 octane