True cause of sleep apnea streptococcus bacteria in the eyes?

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What if the true cause of sleep apnea was a chronic eye infection?  I think it is and I'm doing experiments to test that possibility.  For a great portion of my life I have had the white of my eyes have blood vesseles inflamed making my eyes especially my right eye look bloodshot and this runs in my family.  I just recently started realizing that this, like every other disease on this planet, is caused by bacteria.  In this case particularly, likely staphylococcus bacteria.  What I didn't think was that the eye/eye socket could be a resevior of bacteria that doesn't just cause local effects, but even neurological problems from panic attacks to sleep apnea.  Because I designed a salve using 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tsp beeswax, and 50 drops thyme essential oil to kill the bacteria and not only has my eye inflammation subsided, but so has my sleep apnea which causes my insomnia also abated.  Thyme oil was added to kill staph and strep.  I put it on my eyelids, under my eyes, and on the sides around my eyes at night and it penetrates in enough to kill the bacteria.

What if our eyes, from the bags to the dark circles were not only a superficial problem but also could effect our system wide health and put us at risk of an early death?  What if dark circles weren't a symptom of lack of sleep but actually the cause of it?

Eye bags may actually be a healthier sign than dark circles because the bags may indicate inflammation which means the immune system is fighting the bacteria whereas the dark circles may mean a lack of proper immunity.  However I notice bags/swelling when my sodium intake is high and potassium intake is low so it could also just indicate high blood pressure along with vessel permeability from inflamation.  But if the skin surrounding your eyes is not perfect in any case it probably means that your eye sockets are a breeding ground for heart attack/sleep apnea/panic attack inducing bacterial biofilm.  To cure, dilute some thyme essential oil with a carrier oil and apply around your eyes every night and your conditions should improve.

alternatives to sleep apnea treatments needed, I think we have the answer

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