Storing energy in the Aether: the Aetheric Battery

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This invention is kind of a joke in some ways.  The technology is real and powerful, but manipulating the aether has so much bigger applications than storing energy.  It is like saying a "compressed air battery".  Yes compressed air can be a store of energy (and a really good one) but the last thing when we think of the usefulness of compressed air is energy storage.  Yet this energy storage is what powers all the air tools we use whether or not we recognize it as such.

And in this vein I unveil to you the aether battery.  First of all you may not even believe in the aether.  That "dark matter" that Tesla believed in and many more before him and all but "debunked" by modern physics right?  Actually no, Science has clung to a rebranded form of Aether theory called "dark matter" and "dark energy".  They call anyone a quack for believing in Aether while they peddle their own version of it daily.

Well no one knew what the aether was really made of until my post about "how to travel faster than the speed of light by rarefying space".  What the aether really is, is condensed light.  Light is a particle and a wave much like a wave of water.  A water wave is made out of the particles called water molecules.  In the same way light that we see is a wave of photons moving through the aether.  the aether is the "pond" of photons that light moves across much like a water wave moving across a pond of water.

What makes me think there is a "pond" of relatively stationary photons throughout the universe?  For starters, even if we were swimming in a pond of photons, if the photons aren't moving we cannot detect them.  The only reason we can see light is because it's kinetic energy excites our photo-detectors.  Well one way to detect it is to make a near perfect vacuum and see if light shot through it looses energy at all even without interacting with matter.  Or since photons have some sort of magnetic tendencies, to see if a near perfect vacuum can interact with magnetic fields.  Regardless on how someone would want to verify this theory, why do I strongly suspect this pond of photons exists?  As I said in my linked post, because light tends to clump together.  A ultra cold gas of rubidium atoms can be used to cause light to clump together.  How does this work?  First thing you have to understand is that light is basically negatively charged.  Light doesn't have electrons itself, but light is what makes up electrons.  So light itself tends to be negative.  Now what we can learn from electrolysis is that when you remove some of the charge from a material, it tends to repel each-other less and stick together.  For example when you strip an H+ ion of it's charge it tends to stick to another H atom forming H2 gas.  This is actually how I realized how the rubidium experiment worked.  The rubidium ions are in the alkali metal column of the periodic table.  These metals are strongly positively charged and attract negative charged atoms like oxygen and fluorine.  They also will tend to strip the "negativeness" from light and allow it to clump together.  Now this can even be done with freshly made light.  Just imagine "old" light that has been traveling through inter-cosmic clouds for millenia loosing it's "negativeness" all along the way.  This is happening everywhere in space and eventually these photons will start sticking together and forming a pool of photons.  This pool is the aether.  And just like a pool of water can limit the speed of things traveling through it, the aether limits the speed of things moving through it as well.  But just like you can surpass the speed of water waves and sound waves (however when you do the craft becomes less stable) you can also travel through space faster than the speed of light, albiet you can travel faster through space if you disrupt the aether just like a car "drafting" another car can go faster because the car ahead disrupts the air in front of the other car.

This disruption or "evacuating" of the aether from an area (or compressing it) is the basis of the Aether battery or Aether energy storage.  Now one way to change the density of the aether (is it incompressible by the way?) is to use Magnetic Unity (MU) technology.  Not just moving magnetic fields, but orbiting magnetic fields can effect photons.  This orbiting magnetic field technology can "evaporate" or "condense" the aether.  Another way is simply using the nuclear chemistry described in the light sticking together experiment.  Rubidium atoms and those near it on the periodic table can condense light and concentrate the aether and take energy from it, and Iodine atoms (or mabye even hot clouds of fluorine?) and those near it on the periodic table can cause light to repel eachother even more strongly, increase it's energy (mabye even increase it's max speed), and reduce the aethers density.

So the same way you create a differential, you can also capitalize on the differential.  Powering orbiting magnetic fields can be a way one can harvest energy from an aether imbalance.

So utilizing these principles the aether battery can be made.  Magnetic unity and nuclear chemistry can be used to affect the density of space, and this differential in density can be used to create energy.  Perhaps these natural cosmic scale variations of aether density in space is what the Sun eats for fuel and may describe periods of solar minima and maxima and longer cycle solar phenomenon as well?  Just like our bodies produce more heat after we eat, perhaps the sun does the same.

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