Ossicones are Infrasound Antennae

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Giraffe and Okapi are the only currently living species with ossicones on their heads.  Scientists have been baffled by them and think they are vestigal traits from when giraffes had horns like deer.  Well as those who actually respect nature, we know that nature doesn't make mistakes.  We know that nature "matures" rather than evolves and can mix and match traits using "genetic vector reservoir" adaptation to the current climate and environment.  So why do giraffes have these antennae or tuning fork looking things on their head?  Because they need it to hear/sense infrasound.  Giraffes communicate long distances using low frequency long wavelength infrasound.  These sounds travel long distances but are too long wavelength to be heard with typical eardrums.    The ossicones really are like tuning forks and vibrate when these long wavelength sounds hit them which helps the animal communicate and sense these unique communications.  Also perhaps it is like a form of encrypted communication that cannot be heard by predators but can be herd by other giraffes.  Genius.

More on infrasound and how it can be felt in various places in the body (that match in size to some fraction of the sounx wavelength)

Okapi, the only other species with ossicones, also communjcates with infrasound.  The probability that this theory is correct just skyrocketed.

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