Proof of Destruction (PoD mining): New cryptocurrency consensus to prevent 51% attack

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Recently Litecoin Cash (LCC) had a 51% attack.  This is to be expected because they used sha256 algorithm, the same one used by bitcoin.  What this means is that a big bitcoin miber would have enough hashpower to attack litecoin cash by having over 50% of the mining power.

Litecoin cash team said other coins get around this issue by changing their consensus model from pure proof of work, to a hybrid proof of stake/proof of work.  What that means is that in order to attack the network you would not only need 51% of the mining power, but also 51% of all the coins.  This is a good way to severly disincentivize and prevent attacks.  But not to be a follower, LCC decided to create a new way to achieve this goal.  They call it "hive mining" but the main tenant of their technology I am going to define and call "Proof of Destruction" or PoD mining. The idea is instead of "staking coins" - still keeping them but rendering them unspendable for a specific period of time - PoD will destroy coins.  To do this LCC is going to have people send coins to human readable addresses (hopefully many) as such no one will ever have a private key that relates to that human readable public key.  So we can be very sure no one will ever be able to spend these "destroyed" coins.

This does two things, creates a sink on the money supply so that deflation happens even faster (shortening the ultimate life of the currency) and increasing the price of the currency.  It also protects the network from a 51% attack.  Also it allows people to mine who don't have special hardware, just coins in a software wallet.

This is a great thing for small coins who use a common hashing algorithm.


Google is trolling us with google translate easter eggs

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I was going to make a post trying to decipher the code of the "dog" thing in google translate.  Someone typed dog into google translate like 22 times translating from Yoruba to English and got a weird message about jesus and being saved.  Of course I knew it was someone at google programming it to do that but I thought they might have encoded something like a timeline and each time dog was written was another year after 2000.  So my thought was writing dog 25 times for example is their prophecy of what will happen in the year 2025.  But I no longer think that is the case.  Lots and lots of short words have easter eggs like this.  typing ag a lot, au a lot, ir a lot, god a lot (39 times), yhwh, etc. will all lead to these easter eggs using various languages to english.  For example here is another one I found, type yhwh 8 times in yaruba to english translation.  It says
Last Updated: June 19, 2014
so to me that is a smoking gun that this was programmed in.  In yaruba to English keep typing in yhwh and you will see various intelligently programmed (not just a glitch) sayings.  Type it in 35 times and it says:

one of the most important names in the world in the world of the world.
so ya that isn't just random gibberish, that was programmed by someone.

type it in 42 times and you get a reference to the Son of God.  Think that is random?
one of the most important things in the world and the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the Son of God
anyway, Just google being google and people wasting way too much of thier time to create or pretend to create their AI god that has been googles goal from the beginning.


True cause of sleep apnea streptococcus bacteria in the eyes?

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What if the true cause of sleep apnea was a chronic eye infection?  I think it is and I'm doing experiments to test that possibility.  For a great portion of my life I have had the white of my eyes have blood vesseles inflamed making my eyes especially my right eye look bloodshot and this runs in my family.  I just recently started realizing that this, like every other disease on this planet, is caused by bacteria.  In this case particularly, likely staphylococcus bacteria.  What I didn't think was that the eye/eye socket could be a resevior of bacteria that doesn't just cause local effects, but even neurological problems from panic attacks to sleep apnea.  Because I designed a salve using 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tsp beeswax, and 50 drops thyme essential oil to kill the bacteria and not only has my eye inflammation subsided, but so has my sleep apnea which causes my insomnia also abated.  Thyme oil was added to kill staph and strep.  I put it on my eyelids, under my eyes, and on the sides around my eyes at night and it penetrates in enough to kill the bacteria.

What if our eyes, from the bags to the dark circles were not only a superficial problem but also could effect our system wide health and put us at risk of an early death?  What if dark circles weren't a symptom of lack of sleep but actually the cause of it?

Eye bags may actually be a healthier sign than dark circles because the bags may indicate inflammation which means the immune system is fighting the bacteria whereas the dark circles may mean a lack of proper immunity.  However I notice bags/swelling when my sodium intake is high and potassium intake is low so it could also just indicate high blood pressure along with vessel permeability from inflamation.  But if the skin surrounding your eyes is not perfect in any case it probably means that your eye sockets are a breeding ground for heart attack/sleep apnea/panic attack inducing bacterial biofilm.  To cure, dilute some thyme essential oil with a carrier oil and apply around your eyes every night and your conditions should improve.

alternatives to sleep apnea treatments needed, I think we have the answer


Storing energy in the Aether: the Aetheric Battery

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This invention is kind of a joke in some ways.  The technology is real and powerful, but manipulating the aether has so much bigger applications than storing energy.  It is like saying a "compressed air battery".  Yes compressed air can be a store of energy (and a really good one) but the last thing when we think of the usefulness of compressed air is energy storage.  Yet this energy storage is what powers all the air tools we use whether or not we recognize it as such.

And in this vein I unveil to you the aether battery.  First of all you may not even believe in the aether.  That "dark matter" that Tesla believed in and many more before him and all but "debunked" by modern physics right?  Actually no, Science has clung to a rebranded form of Aether theory called "dark matter" and "dark energy".  They call anyone a quack for believing in Aether while they peddle their own version of it daily.

Well no one knew what the aether was really made of until my post about "how to travel faster than the speed of light by rarefying space".  What the aether really is, is condensed light.  Light is a particle and a wave much like a wave of water.  A water wave is made out of the particles called water molecules.  In the same way light that we see is a wave of photons moving through the aether.  the aether is the "pond" of photons that light moves across much like a water wave moving across a pond of water.

What makes me think there is a "pond" of relatively stationary photons throughout the universe?  For starters, even if we were swimming in a pond of photons, if the photons aren't moving we cannot detect them.  The only reason we can see light is because it's kinetic energy excites our photo-detectors.  Well one way to detect it is to make a near perfect vacuum and see if light shot through it looses energy at all even without interacting with matter.  Or since photons have some sort of magnetic tendencies, to see if a near perfect vacuum can interact with magnetic fields.  Regardless on how someone would want to verify this theory, why do I strongly suspect this pond of photons exists?  As I said in my linked post, because light tends to clump together.  A ultra cold gas of rubidium atoms can be used to cause light to clump together.  How does this work?  First thing you have to understand is that light is basically negatively charged.  Light doesn't have electrons itself, but light is what makes up electrons.  So light itself tends to be negative.  Now what we can learn from electrolysis is that when you remove some of the charge from a material, it tends to repel each-other less and stick together.  For example when you strip an H+ ion of it's charge it tends to stick to another H atom forming H2 gas.  This is actually how I realized how the rubidium experiment worked.  The rubidium ions are in the alkali metal column of the periodic table.  These metals are strongly positively charged and attract negative charged atoms like oxygen and fluorine.  They also will tend to strip the "negativeness" from light and allow it to clump together.  Now this can even be done with freshly made light.  Just imagine "old" light that has been traveling through inter-cosmic clouds for millenia loosing it's "negativeness" all along the way.  This is happening everywhere in space and eventually these photons will start sticking together and forming a pool of photons.  This pool is the aether.  And just like a pool of water can limit the speed of things traveling through it, the aether limits the speed of things moving through it as well.  But just like you can surpass the speed of water waves and sound waves (however when you do the craft becomes less stable) you can also travel through space faster than the speed of light, albiet you can travel faster through space if you disrupt the aether just like a car "drafting" another car can go faster because the car ahead disrupts the air in front of the other car.

This disruption or "evacuating" of the aether from an area (or compressing it) is the basis of the Aether battery or Aether energy storage.  Now one way to change the density of the aether (is it incompressible by the way?) is to use Magnetic Unity (MU) technology.  Not just moving magnetic fields, but orbiting magnetic fields can effect photons.  This orbiting magnetic field technology can "evaporate" or "condense" the aether.  Another way is simply using the nuclear chemistry described in the light sticking together experiment.  Rubidium atoms and those near it on the periodic table can condense light and concentrate the aether and take energy from it, and Iodine atoms (or mabye even hot clouds of fluorine?) and those near it on the periodic table can cause light to repel eachother even more strongly, increase it's energy (mabye even increase it's max speed), and reduce the aethers density.

So the same way you create a differential, you can also capitalize on the differential.  Powering orbiting magnetic fields can be a way one can harvest energy from an aether imbalance.

So utilizing these principles the aether battery can be made.  Magnetic unity and nuclear chemistry can be used to affect the density of space, and this differential in density can be used to create energy.  Perhaps these natural cosmic scale variations of aether density in space is what the Sun eats for fuel and may describe periods of solar minima and maxima and longer cycle solar phenomenon as well?  Just like our bodies produce more heat after we eat, perhaps the sun does the same.


Heat assisted solvent to gas dispersion (STG) open source patent

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This invention is for the basic technology of Heat Assisted Solvent to Gas Dispersion.  Also known as STG technology - Solvent to Gas.

The basics of the invention is the solvent (which can be solid, liquid, gas or any other state of matter) that may or may not contain molecules/atoms/compounds etc. of interest is volatilized into a gaseous suspension or solution (preferably with droplet size smaller than 5 um exiting the device) using both heat transfer and dispersion methods.  Dispersion is defined as forcibly introducing gaseous material in any way, which may or may not include cavitations, into the solvent of interest.  This does not include cavitations naturally occurring from the boiling process, but these cavitations can be a part of what this technology does.  But the scope of this invention is to only cover inventions that forcibly disperse a gas into/through/over/around the solvent and this may or may not include natural force-less boiling gas dispersion. This technology can be used for any purpose including but not limited to: Research, propellant, fuel, medical purposes, non-medical personal use, disposal, energy, delivery or transport, or any other industry or field for any purpose.  This can be used on the massive industrial or governmental scale or for personal portable devices, home or car devices, micro scale, nano scale, pico and femto scale, and anything in between or combination.  Anything that can benefit from efficiently vaporizing a solvent.  Solvent can be anything with solvent properties including water, aqueous solutions, polar solvents, non-polar solvents, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, combination, or anything else that can be used as a solvent in any capacity.  The process of dispersing the solvent into the gaseous phase can be utilized for co-dispersing of other items of interest.  This can be anything, but for example it could work similarly to steam distillation of essential oils from plant matter.  In that process steam is used to extract essential oils from plant matter which are re-condensed into liquid oils.  This process can include any thing like that where the solvent being dispersed (which can be partial and slow or complete and fast or any combination) is utilized to accomplish other purpose(s).  This current invention is not for collecting or harvesting this material such as steam distillation and collection of essential oils, but solely for dispersing this material into the gaseous phase.  Material can be collected after an STG process, but this recovery is not part of this technology.

I want to make it abundantly clear that this is not intended for and will not work with "vape juice" or "e-liquid" or any other "e-cigarette" nicotine substance.  Liquids containing a high percentage of glycerine simply will not be dispersed by any reasonable STG process.

"Vape Mod" or "Vape device" which is the electrical device that can power a resistance coil; may be used to create heat for this invention via the 510 adapter.  This shows that these electrical devices have more uses than just for e-cigarettes and therefore are not under the purview of the FDA.

The temperature used for heat transfer can be ambient temperature or elevated temperature above ambient which is preferred.  Heat just has to transfer to the solvent in any way to increase it's vapor pressure and make it tend towards evaporation.  Next, gaseous matter needs to be introduced and/or mixed into the solvent to further disperse the solvent into the gaseous phase.  The way this works is forcing gas or cavitations into/through/around/over the solvent and possibly breaking up through the surface of the solvent which would counter the surface tension of the liquid (which tries to keep the solvent together) by adding shear forces (if the solvent is liquid) to help break off clumps of liquid into the gaseous phase.  Preferably next (but not required) would be heat transfer elements (optionally extra shear/dispersion methods as well) that increase the heating surface area to help finish evaporating/dispersing the liquid blobs into the gaseous phase and/or keeping the vapor from condensing on the apparatus.  Next preferably would be introducing ambient air or another gas to lower the vapor saturation of the gas (diluting it) and possibly cooling it as well.  This can even be done using a vortex of gas introduction if desired.  If utilizing the solvent to propel other desired molecules into the gas phase, then the solvent can be recaptured if desired and reused.  In the end there will be a gas that includes material of interest suspended or in solution with the gas.

Gas for dispersion and/or extra gas insertion can be introduced in any way but can be from pumps, gas injection, breathing/inhaling, gas buoyancy, or anything else.  If a dispersion element(s) are used to disperse the gas in the solvent, anything can be used.  Capilary tubes can be used if desired and if the ID of the tubes are correct for the height of the liqhid above them, they may not leak.  For example if 1.1mm ID or smaller capilary tubes are used and the liquid level above them isess than around 29/64", then water in this cashe shouldn't leak out the capilary tube(s).  Or a typical fritted gas dispersion tube can be used as an example and to prevsnt this from leaking the inlet could just be above the liquid level.  This air inlet can also be used to load solvent if desired, moniter the liquid level automatically or visually, used to automatically add solvent or other material, etc.

The solvent, and/or material of interest, can be introduced into the chamber/device by siphoning, pumping, squirting, injection, aliquoting, etc.  All or some of the solvent can be dispersed at a time.

Going back to the "steam distillation" essential oil example; if for example distilled water was heated and gas was dispersed through it, and either essential oil was in/on the water or in herbal material above the water and the essential oil was desired to be volatilized, then the steam/water particles could help quickly shuttle the essential oil into the vapor phase, and if desired, the water could be condensed and returned to the device while much of the essential oil remained in the vapor phase.  This example may or may not be practical but is just an example of the sort of thing this technology can accomplish.


Ossicones are Infrasound Antennae

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Giraffe and Okapi are the only currently living species with ossicones on their heads.  Scientists have been baffled by them and think they are vestigal traits from when giraffes had horns like deer.  Well as those who actually respect nature, we know that nature doesn't make mistakes.  We know that nature "matures" rather than evolves and can mix and match traits using "genetic vector reservoir" adaptation to the current climate and environment.  So why do giraffes have these antennae or tuning fork looking things on their head?  Because they need it to hear/sense infrasound.  Giraffes communicate long distances using low frequency long wavelength infrasound.  These sounds travel long distances but are too long wavelength to be heard with typical eardrums.    The ossicones really are like tuning forks and vibrate when these long wavelength sounds hit them which helps the animal communicate and sense these unique communications.  Also perhaps it is like a form of encrypted communication that cannot be heard by predators but can be herd by other giraffes.  Genius.

More on infrasound and how it can be felt in various places in the body (that match in size to some fraction of the sounx wavelength)

Okapi, the only other species with ossicones, also communjcates with infrasound.  The probability that this theory is correct just skyrocketed.