The Genetic Vector Reservoir (GVR or "Giver") Theory of Speciation:Natural Selection is incomplete

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Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution to explain speciation via natural selection by mutation.  Darwin's theory was over-reaching and he tried to from mutation to natural selection to speciation to evolution.  The Achilles heel of this theory is mutation.  Christian scholars have long found this flaw and I believe convincingly proved that random mutations cannot produce consistent progress let alone speciation.  It just doesn't work.

However christians are also at a loss for how the very finite number of species noah saved on the ark were able to apparently speciate into all the species we have today.

So it seems both sides of this debate have their glaring problems and also merit.  Here I will propose not a compromise between the two but a more full understanding of the possible truth to the tools of biological organisms have to adapt to earth cycles.

I have long thought that extinction was not the end.  I had a feeling that in the next ice age woolly mammoths would return and not just by humans cloning them.  As an aspiring scientist to make much progress at all you literally have to come to grips with the fact that Nature has done everything we have invented, and done it better than we could ever dream.  Nuclear Fusion power plants?  Sun did it before the earth existed.  Solar power?  Plants are much more efficient than our panels ever will be.  So to be a good scientist you have to believe that nature has done literally any invention you could hope to dream of, and has done it better than you will ever contemplate.

So nature has done genetic engineering and cloning.

How could nature recreate the woolly mammoth?  Well if we can find DNA in old remains and inject them in a similar species, why do you think nature hasn't?

Nature Has.

And it will do it again.

I also think there is a reason we bury our dead and try to preserve them from total decay.  Now it should seem obvious that we have a natural instinct to preserve our precious DNA.

Nature keeps an inventory of all the DNA that has ever existed on our planet.  Let that sink in for a second.  Where is this resevior kept?  Where is the global seed vault located?  Mostly the polar regions I would conjecture.  How does nature do the work of implanting this DNA into genomes of living creatures?  Vectors.  If you know much about biology when I say that you should think of mosquitos, virus', bacteria, etc.  Also I would venture to guess in food we eat, water we drink, perhaps also the air we breathe.  These vectors are constantly transfecting us with ancient DNA.

These vectors also incorporate the DNA. This could be why we seem to have so much "junk" DNA, perhaps it is a remanent of this likely not perfectly efficient process.  Likely sometimes DNA from the vector itself, or mutilated sequences are also incorporated but I would venture to guess there are protections against this from happening normally.

The world is a reservoir of recycled DNA.  Evolution happens; most likely speciation is rare but I think thereis an  incredibly large probability that traits can be lost in say hot geological times and those traits regained in ice ages for example.  This world is supporting life perhaps more than we yet realize.

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