Mycobacterium tuberculosis eats dopamine

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Latent tuberculosis causes Conservatism and latent Toxoplasmosis causes Liberalism.  Tuberculosis destroys the bodies dopamine.  Toxoplasmosis creates excess dopamine.  Conservatives work hard for little pleasure.  Liberals hardly work and pursue pleasure.

Both are diseases.  Both can be cured.

Toxoplasmosis has been studied in this regard in the past but not so much with tuberculosis.  People don't yet realize that tuberculosis is also a mind controlling organism that nearly half of the worlds population has their entire life.  Tuberculosis lives in the neck causing occasional stiff neck.  It lives in the cervical lymph nodes causing few symptoms other than a lack of dopamine.  This can manifest in many ways just search for "symptoms of low dopamine".  The reason it lives here is just like fish waiting for food to come down river, tuberculosis camps out in the neck lymph dining on dopamine coming from the brain draining cerebrospinal fluid.  Drugs that kill tuberculosis are often "fake" dopamine.  The bacteria eats the fake dopamine and are poisoned.  One of these compounds is aporphine found in blue lotus.  For those of us who have latent tb in our neck, this medicine makes us feel stronger.

An essential oil blend of the following applied directly to the neck can also be a great treatment.  Neck may feel stiff after you apply this, that is how you know it is killing tb:

juniper berry

For more oils and oils that will work for toxoplasmosis (which also lives in the neck) see this link:


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