Why people were "mummified" in Ancient Egypt and Inca

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Why mummies?  Well the fire in Trump tower revealed the answer to me.  The victim in the fire suffered severe burns and was taken to the hospital but died.  It got me thinking how could we keep these burn victims alive?  Well the thought was to wrap them up right?  Like a mummy?  Oh crap.  What if ancient mummies actually were burn victims?

The answer is that yes they were burn victims.  But how did they get burned?  Remember my last post on how the pyramids work and what do they do?  The pyramid was a giant capacitor.  Anyone at the wrong place at the wrong time around a pyramid or who walked up and touched a pyramid, would get shocked with likely millions of volts.  So could mummies have been struck by this "lightning"?  I did some web searching to see if I could find out.  Here are some links to read through.  One talks of high expression of transglutaminase which is elevated in burn victims, also DMBT-1 which is elevated in infections, and burn victims, if kept alive, will have to fight infections.  Also mummies are covered in bitumen before wrapped so that would make sense as the bitumen would help seal the wounds.

But what really made me drop the mic was this quote in an Inca mummy research "One of the mummies appears to have been struck by lightning".  Wow.  And we know the incan's also had pyramids.  What are the chances that mummies always go along with pyramids, no matter where the pyramids happen to be located?  Also likely people don't notice that egyptian mummies "appear to be struck by lightning" because they are so much older than the Incan mummies and the skin doesn't show the burn marks since it is aged and darkened.

In conclusion I can say with 95%+ confidence  (usually the level at which I "believe" a theory) that ancient mummies were in fact burn victims likely of "priests" and "priestesses" who had the role in society to tend the pyramid duties, much like the priests in Israel had the duty of tending the Arc of the Covenant, and could get electrocuted if they didn't follow protocol.  If they got struck, they would coat the burns in bitumen and wrap them in linens.  They made up a mythology to ease the grieving in society by saying that it was "the will of the gods" and that they would have a special place in the afterlife.  But once people wised up they probably wanted to decommission the pyramids to prevent these tragedies from happening anymore.  But that is what the homo capensis would have wanted...since the pyramids also posed an incredible risk to their levitation craft.

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