Trump needs to be impeached for launching Syrian War

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Wow.  I can't say I'm surprised but I am shocked by what Trump just did.  I thought he was backing off his rhetoric with the "I never said when we would strike!" thing.  But apparently my hope was in vain.  There exists NO EVIDENCE that Assad launched the chemical weapons!  The last time we sent missiles against Syria for using "sarin gas" there still exists to this day NO EVIDENCE that Assad or the Syrian government at all launched the attack!  This was just  announced by Mattis on Feb 2nd!  

If Trump and may and Macron have some "secret evidence" (worked great with "weapons of mass destruction" and "sarin gas attacks" right??) They better f'ing make that evidence public before launching an attack.  That is the LEAST they could do.  In reality the constitution DICTATES that the president CAN ONLY DIRECT THE MILITARY AFTER CONGRESS DECLARES WAR!!! Article I section 8 clause 11.  ANY PRESIDENT THAT LAUNCHES A "MILITARY STRIKE" without congressional approval MUST BE IMPEACHED.  End of story.  Russia would be fully justified to sink any ship that is proved to have launched missiles at bases in Syria.  I hope they don't make the same mistake as Trump and wait until there is public proof as to the identity of the ships that launched the attack.  I wouldn't want to be in the military or large strategic population centers in America right about now as Russia sinking our warships will certainly trigger a WORLD WAR.  Make no mistake, Russia isn't going to turn a blind eye even if no Russians were killed, the way the west has treated Russia has brought Russia to the absolute edge and like a cornered cat they will fight with everything and I mean everything they have even if there is no chance they can win.  You push someone to the edge unjustly like the west has pushed Russia and they will not only risk but sacrifice their lives and the very existence of their country to fight back in TOTAL WAR.

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