The Unified Theory of Everything, Unified Field Theory

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I'm sure you could tell this was coming.  I figured out the unified theory of everything.  So here goes.

"Light" is the elementary particle, at least in our realm of existence there is nothing more basic.  The photon.  So how do photons create matter, the end game?  Quite simply.

Photons orbit.  When photons orbit you create an electron.  An electron is simply orbiting photon(s), nothing more nothing less.  An electron is just a field.  So we could say that electrons as a particle don't even exist.  Electrons are just a little electric field.  So now what do we get when we  have an orbiting electric field (an orbiting electron)?   We get a magnetic field or what I like to call a "magneton".  So we have that.  I will postulate that protium (the simplest hydrogen atom) is a simple magneton.  An orbiting electron is not yet enough to create physical matter.  I think we can define physical matter as something that has weight; inertia that repels a physical force.  So we have a magnetic field, a protium.  And based on this theory I will propose that protium alone does not have physically measurable mass.  People say it has mass but I have yet heard of an experiment that can measure this mass physically.  Now how do we create matter?  Well we have to have an orbiting magneton.  An orbiting magneton is an genoton, also known as a "genotic field", others call it an atom.  It is named geno- for birth or beginning and -ton for small.  Orbiting magnetons, or we can say orbiting protiums, which creates genotons (or atoms), is how matter is generated.  Whether these protiums are rotating around each-other like H2 molecules, or if they attract other magnetons by magnetic attraction (strong nuclear force) and spin around each-other as an atomic nucleus, either way is how matter is generated.  A genoton is a physical object in our world.  This is why atoms are the smallest building blocks of matter, because they are the minimum requirement to "exist" in the physical world...and may be created by as few as two photons.

Knowing this unified field theory, we can use it to create new matter, or destroy the physical world.  But such is any technology, able to be used for good or evil.

-Strong nuclear force likely is magnetic, follows inverse cubed law:

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