The mark of the beast will be invisible: Don't get it!

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The mark of the beast will be an invisible 3D QR code that will be tattooed onto the hand or forehead.  It will use primarily invisible IR (infared) ink mixed with tiny wafers or crystals of gallium arsenide or indium gallium arsenide.  An infrared detector will be used to read it.  The wafers will be excited with an electromagnetic field or pulse in which the gallium arsenide will emit a characteristic IR frequency of roughly 830 or 870 nm.  Since the depth of the crystals, size of the crystals, and location of the crystals will be randomly distributed, it will be virtually impossible to replicate.  When you get the mark they will need two forms of biometric id, likely facial recognition and fingerprint recognition or DNA sample in the case of children.  That way in case the mark was ever removed and stolen, your true identity can be verified and you could get a new mark.  Thieves could take a graft of your skin and keep it alive in cell culture media and/or graft it onto an animal.  This is because the infrared detector can tell if the tissue is dead by heat signatures.  They could even look at blood vessels to make sure grafts couldn't work, but I doubt that security will be included at least at first.

The 2D infrared QR code will be your unique public key, and the unique 3D locations of the crystals will be hashed into your un-replicable private key to verify your identity and sign your transactions.

So why not get it?  Well besides the obvious reasons like violating your 4th amendment right and your biblical mandate not to get it, it is also toxic.  Every time you are scanned some gallium arsenide will break down and enter your body.  Arsenic has the tendency to cause malignant sores across your body.  "Killing the chip" by zapping it with high power will also release large amounts of the arsenic and may even kill so that should not be done.  Criminals will likely try to exploit this fact as well.  To remove the mark safely it would have to be done surgically.  Also the government and/or corporations will know your private key and can use it or shut it down.  It will just require that the peons, you and me, would have to present the mark to be verified in order to allow your private key to work.  You may know your private key but likely you wouldn't be able to use it directly to authorize purchases, you would have to display the mark.  So it isn't as empowering as it seems because the government and/or corporations would know your private key, could steal your money for taxes or whatnot, even shut down your account because they can bypass the security built into the mark and just use your private key directly.  Sounds fair eh?  And you thought the airport scanners made you feel naked...

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