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The plasma engine open source patent

The plasma engine at it's core is an electric engine as opposed to an electric motor.  The plasma engine uses an electric discharge to create an expansion (such as but not limited to an explosion) of any material.  This material may include, but not limited to, converting a liquid to a gas.  For water a theoretical maximum could be a 1600x volume expansion from a bleve effect, plus possibly more from combustion of the constituent gasses, and even more when considering temperature effects.  Fusion may also occur.  Magnetic unity principles can be used in this device(s) and may help achieve fusion.  Fusion can serve any use, especially to superheat the products to cause more, or in any way improved, expansion.  Components in the device, and/or outside the device and/material may convert and/or store and/or assist in converting or storing fusion energy and any other energy of all types from the device and/or material into work, heat, or any other form of energy.  Magnetic fields and/or pulsed magnetic fields and/or moving or apparently moving magnetic fields (magnetic unity) may also enhance the ability of the material to vaporize, lubricate, dissociate, ionize, fuse, etc.

The electric discharge can be created by any method but preferably a capacitor or capacitor bank connected to high surface area electrodes in the expansion chamber(s).  This capacitor bank may or may not be connected to a means of charging it such as batterie(s) and/or any other method.

This engine can be any design that utilizes expansion chamber(s) with one or multiple stages where material is expanded by electrical discharge. It could even be a converted gas or diesel engine or a new engine or anything else.  The expansion chamber could even be ethereal like water or earth atmosphere or space (photon field) or a magnetic field.  Earths atmosohere could be the expansion chamber of a rocket or jet, water could be the expansion chamber for a water rocket or jet, space in general for any type of craft, and a magnetic field or magnetic unity field could be the expansion chamber for spacecraft.

For a rocket like propulsion, material such as but not limited to water based fuel, can be directed into a plasma ignition chamber where the water is at least vaporized and preferably also separated into hydrogen and oxygen and/or other gasses depending on the fuel and preferably also combusted and/or ionized and preferably also fused into higher elements.  For anything but especially spacecraft, magnetic unity principles can be used to contain the expanding gasses since there is no atmosphere to accomplish this containment in space.  A magnet and/or magnetic unity can also be used in the plasma ignition chamber to aid in anything especially volitalization, electrolysis, ionization, combustion, and/or fusion.

This could also be used for gun-like projectile launching devices.  Some say 6kv .1 microfarad capacitor can create a very explosive shockwave.  Distilled water has a very high dielectric constant and would be great to use to increase capacitance.

At it's simplest this engine could run off of water and electricity, preferably distilled water to prevent corrosion.  Efficiency of this engine may approach or exceed that of an electric motor if only using the BLEVE effect.  But if the water molecules are split releasing hydrogen and oxygen, perhaps much more energy can be liberated by the combustion of these byproducts.  Fusion can release even more energy in a variety of forms, any or all of which may be utilized if desired.

However I feel that the real power of this invention is to create a true fuel-electric hybrid.  And to realize this would be to use something as a fuel that contains more energy than water alone.  This fuel can be anything but preferably a water soluble fuel.  As a water soluble fuel more energy can be added by any method but preferably a carbon based water soluble fuel like graphene or humic/fulvic acid.  Another preferable option could be any emulsified fatty acid such as soap.  Also anything else such as but not limitedlto glycerine, ethanol, methanol, ethylene/propylene glycol, etc.  When the plasma is formed by one of these solutions, not only do the additives reduce the surface tension possibly and help get a fuller expansion effect, but also add energy to the solution that may or may not be released by the plasma in any process such as combustion.  They also may effect the dielctric constant.

Electrolytes may be used to increase conductivity of the solution if desired or any other purpose.

This technology can have any application such as but not limited to: creating rotary motion for any purpose, creating linear motion for any purpose, rockets, cars, planes, boats, watercraft, guns, rockets(underwater or atmospheric), spacecraft, trains, submersibles, robots, any type of transportation, any form of energy generation and/or storage, generating plasma and/or shockwaves for any use, etc.

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