How to travel faster than the speed of light by rarefying space

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Ah yes the speed limit of the speed of light.

It was just discovered that by slowing down photons sufficiently they stick together.  Researchers say that this can create photon molecules.  What they don't yet realize is that these stuck together photons already exist around us and through us and we cannot sense them since they are not moving!  We can only detect photons when they are moving.  This field of stuck together photons is called Space or the Aether.

Can we disrupt space so that we can break the speed limit of the speed of light?  Easily.  Once you discover the root cause of a problem you are 99% closer to solving it.  Well now that we know what space is exactly we can easily disrupt it.  Photons are suseptible to magnetic fields.  What we can do locally is use high frequency pulsed magnetic fields or principles of Magnetic Unity (see previous posts) to dissolve this molecular matrix of photons and slide through it without having to ride it.  It is like the difference of surfing versus a torpedo.  Surfing you are limited by the water wave propogation speed (analogous to the speed of light) but if you can part the hydrogen bonds of water (analogous to dissolving or rarefying the photon field of space) you can travel through space, not "on top of it" and go much faster than the wave propogation speed.  Just be careful whatever you do that you don't slide into the center of the earth (like what happened in the philadelphia experiment)!  Also you will need protection from the field in the form of a capsule that has alternating layers of superconductor and ferromagnetic material.  A simple iteration of this is copper sheeting and iron sheeting cooled with liquid nitrogen.

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