The true health effects of Glyphosate and roundup and how to chelate and treat it naturally

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I was exposed to glyphosate by inhaling a fully vaporized form in a public place while they were mass spraying.  I recorded all my symptoms for your benefit.


in order of occurrence after inhalation of glyphosate

1. lightheaded
2. agitation/moodiness
3. trouble concentrating
4. headache
5. forgetfulness
6. itchy eyes, skin
7. loss of balance/coordination
8. heart palpitations
9. lymphnode pain
10. inner ear pain

All resolved within a day of atropine and oxime support therapy except lymphnode pain which is ongoing days later.

during oxime therapy requires potassium bicarbonate for the oxime support to work.  Pain comes back to inner ear and heart during oxime therapy and pain leaves lymphnode (on my right side).

It appears the glyphosate induces pathogenicity in gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes.  Anti-gram positive therapy is necessary in glyphosate treatment: adaptogens.

If you are chronically exposed and do not chelate the glyphosate by taking a combination of L-histadine, L-cystiene, L-Tryptophan (or likely tyrosine, valine isovaline, other hydrophobic aminos, etc), potassium bicarbonate; and also take adaptogens like gynostemma (triterpenoid saponins) along with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestrus to enhance bioavailability, then you will develop pathogenic gram positive bacteria in the lymphnodes causing non-hodgkins lymphoma.

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