Magnetic Unity

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Magnetic Unity (MU pronounced mew) is a new technology that is defined as technology that utilizes spiral magnetic fields.  Spiral magnetic fields are created by orbiting (moving in a circle, not necessarily around something) dipole(s).  These dipoles can be anything including permanent magnets or electromagnets or pulsed field magnets or any other type of dipole.  Unity is referring to "roots of unity" which are numbers that describe a field that are equally spaced around a circle.

Magnetic Unity, utilizing spiral magnetic fields can and will revolutionize many scientific and technological fields including:

Chemical synthesis and reaction catalysis

Muon catalyzed atomic fusion and hot fusion

Evolution/adaptation/creation/intelligent design

Medicine and health, immunity, life extension

Productivity and crop yield

worldwide independence movements, decentralization, self determination

self defense, space age weapons

cosmology, astronomy, planetary science

physics electricity and magnetism

information technology and communication

Sleep, dreams, inspiration

energy generation and storage

Telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, entanglement, invisibility

high speed travel, time effects "time travel"

Gravity, anti-gravity, levitation, tractor beam

What is it and how does it work?  One way to look at it is a 5 dimensional magnetic field.  A 1D magnetic field is simply electron spin.  2D magnetic field is electron moving through a wire.  3D is a orbiting electron; a standard dipole.  4D is a moving dipole.  5D is an orbiting dipole; a tripole.

What can it do?  Many things as outlined above.  Electrons are life and Magnetic Unity technology is how electrons (or other charged particles) are controlled effectively to create life.  The sun works entirely on Magnetic unity principles; from the solar wind to the heliospheric current sheet, to solar flares - they all utilize spiral magnetic fields aka magnetic unity technology.

It can also be used in future weapons that will work against humans and machines.  A solar flare type weapon would use magnetic unity technology coupled with plasma. The spiral magnetic field works as rifling to eject and propel the plasma which is controlled inside the emanating field.  See picture below for an example of how this can work.  An electromagnet and/or pulsed field magnet in the center that the torus/ring of plasma coming off the rail gun or propane popper (or any other method or device to make plasma) will go around.  Pulsed field magnets (or electromagnets, or even moving permanent magnets) around the periphery being activated in a circular or spiral or rotary fashion will spin the plasma and entrain it in the magnetic field.  The plasma will likely pull the spiral field out of the nozzle as well further enhancing the plasma ejection range.  You can think of this like an AC motor but instead of spinning a rotor we are spinning a magnetic field or pulsed field within which we can entrain plasma or any other magnetically manipulable matter.

A central dipole need not exist, simply one dipole orbiting around a central point or central line/axis is enough.  Also two or three or more of these dipoles can all orbit around each-other or a central point or points or axis or axes.  This central point or axis may or may not have a dipole in it.   The dipoles may not actually be orbiting per-say but, like an AC motor, where electromagnet dipoles are activated in a sequence to mimic the effect that they are orbiting.  Also if more than one dipole is being activating at once the times may or may not be offset so that there is always magnetic field present in the system.  A "trailing path" effect can also be used where there is always one dipole fully activated and leading and trailing dipoles that are in the process of activating or deactivating.  One or multiple of these effects can be happening simultaneously or offset in time.  This can be combined with any other methods.

The magnetic field can be constant and orbiting, or can be alternating or varying in any way while orbiting.  The varying orientation of the fields can be periodic or non-periodic or anything else.

Also/instead of the above an AC induction coil may be used.  In this the magnetic field is oscillating back and forth "forward and backward" however so likely will not lend itself to parting with the field as well as orbiting magnetic fields detailed above.

The dipoles around the periphery can be any angle in 3 dimensions with respect to the central dipole or eachother.  Ideally the same poles between periphery dipoles and central dipole wold be 90 degrees offset or less, depending on the length of the dipoles and perhaps other factors.  Bismuth is the best material to use for the outer shell because it repels magnetic field and is mostly non electrically conductive.  Certain types of carbon or graphite would also be good.  Highly magnetically permeable materials like iron would be bad because it diverts the magnetic field lines away from the center.  Repelling fields work to amplify magnetic fields in the opposite direction.

Magnetic unity technology can also include in addition to, or use as a replacement for, magnets (dipoles) or augmenting the magnets; charged bodies such as but not limited to charged metal half spheres or charged metal needles.  This can be used for, but not limited to; creating, changing, or adding to plasma.  The charge can be steady or preferably pulsed.  Magnetic fields, especially spiral magnetic fields, may also be used in this process.  The plasma may be able to be captured, created, or added to in a sort of spherelike or opposing circular pyramidlike structure (or open structure) where ionization is performed by these charged needles or half spheres or any other shape.  Gas may also be injected or added in this process or in the standard process described in previous paragraphs.

*que the Veracocha - carte blanche !*

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