Magnetic Unity Decouples Magnetic Fields

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I have written a couple articles on Magnetic Unity.  I have described it as a 5 dimensional magnetic field but here I include anything higher than 5D as well.  1D is an electron spin.  2D is a moving electron with a constant velocity (electricity in a straight wire).  3D is an accelerating electron which is a magnetic dipole (electricity in a loop/winding).  4D is a dipole moving with a constant velocity (magnet moving or pulsed magnetic field). 5D is a dipole undergoing a constant acceleration (orbiting dipole). 6D is a dipole with jerk, an orbiting dipole that is speeding up its orbit and/or its orbit shrinking (probably how a quasar works)... or a moving orbit with a constant velocity, like a helix.  7D is an accelerating orbital dipole or a orbital dipole orbiting around an additional center. For 7D think of the earth as a dipole that is orbiting the sun and then the sun orbiting around something else.  This would create 7D magnetic field out of the earths magnetic field.  Another option for 7D magnetics is an  oscillating helix; an orbiting dipole that is also bouncing up and down.  This is one way to accelerate an orbiting dipole.  This is likely how a lightsaber would work and also a pulsar.  To make this into a blaster you could just have a helix of electromagets where each one is activated in sucession and this sucession speeding up, or the gap between the electromagnets getting larger.  Likely you will also need a central electromagnet or pulsed electromagnet whose field you will be spinning with the activated electromagnets.  The plasma is then shot through this field like a bullet through a rifled barrel.

"Magnetic Unity" is defined as technology that wholly or in part utilizes 5D or higher magnetics aka spiral magnetic fields.

Now we know what these other dimensional magnetic fields do.  3D is a typical north-south magnetic field.  4D can be used to induce current in a wire via induction.  But what does 5D - Magnetic Unity - do?  What special traits does a 5D magnetic field have? Before I alluded to the aspects of science and technology that it will impact and what it can do, but I never really described how exactly it can do that and therefore what is special about these fields.  But I believe I have now found the answer.

5D magnetic fields decouple.  We know of magnets as having a north and south pole and magnetic field lines go from one pole to the other.  In 5D and higher magnetic fields, this begins to break down.  This is especially true when you inject plasma into the field.  Plasma, aka gaseous ions, can pull the field lines out of 5D magnetic fields and partially or fully decouple them from their originating poles.  This happens in pulsars (possibly 6D), quasars (possibly 6D), interplanetary magnetic fields, even CME's and solar flares.  Acceleration weakens the coupling of magnetic field lines to their north and south poles and plasma can help more fully decouple them to produce spiral magnetic fields.

By the way, if you study naturehacker's 4th and 5th laws you will see that these spiral magnetic fields coupled with plasma are how spacecraft could be powered in space.  Rockets in space are a joke and fail based on naturehacker's 4th law.  Spiral magnetic fields entraining plasma is how spacecraft can actually be powered that agrees with naturehacker's 4th.

Of course weapons can be made utilizing 5 and 6 dimensional magnetic fields.  Plasma guns and cannons can likely be made with 5D (orbital) magnetic fields as my previous posts have detailed.  6D  (oscillating helical) magnetic fields likely can produce beam or ray weapons and perhaps even a lightsaber.

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